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Does Your Home Have A Crawl Space Foundation?
Don’t Forget This Important Task

If your Big Spring home is in its later years, you may have a crawl space foundation. When you have problems with this type of foundation, you need a foundation expert who specializes in pier and beam adjustments to set you back on track.

Pier and beam foundations can fail for many reasons and here at Childers Brothers, we have developed the scientific ability to identify the exact problem. We can make adjustments to your piers and beams based on whether your foundation has settled or heaved, ensuring that each support is holding the correct load.

This type of foundation has significantly fewer support points than concrete slab foundations, causing them to need extra care and maintenance. It is a best practice to have a pier and beam adjustment every two to four years.

Our 27-Point Analysis Will Identify Your Specific Problem

Foundations often fail due to the lack of a proper diagnosis. The average inspection is quick and superficial. The contractor will ask you a few questions that barely scrape the surface of the problem, glance at any cracks that have developed, and place a level on the floor to see if it’s sloping.

Our 27-Point Analysis is a thorough, in-depth investigation into the problem you are facing. We don’t make any recommendations until we have examined every nook, cranny, and possible cause of your foundation issues. The best part? It’s free.

Our Technicians Are In-House And Regularly Trained

To ensure that your project is done correctly and without any problems, we only use fully-employed, in-house technicians. We do not employ subcontractors. This way, we can take total control over the quality of the work completed on your home.

We require our technicians to complete constant training to stay up-to-date with the most current techniques in the industry. They also hold every certification necessary to provide you with the best results.

Our technicians are capable of handling the tough jobs. The techniques we use are designed for lasting results. They require a high level of specialization, which our technicians have.

On top of being talented, we require that our technicians be nice people, too. If they’re impolite, indifferent, or rude, we have no room for them on our team. We promise that the team working on your foundation will be respectful, approachable, and courteous.

We Are Relentlessly Reliable

It’s been our mission since we started our business to be relentlessly reliable for all of our customers. We stand out as the company that can provide you with the most efficient and high-quality work. You can also trust us to always have your best interests at heart.

There are several ways that we are relentlessly reliable.

On Time Every Time

Being late is completely unacceptable. For us, being on time is being early. We are sticklers for being on schedule. If anything comes up that’s going to make us late, you’ll be the first to know.

We Do Extensive Pre-Planning

Your project will be planned up front, down to the smallest detail. This will ensure that we don’t miss anything and that we will avoid all possible hiccups. We’ve earned a reputation for being extremely detail-oriented.

We’re Neat Freaks

Foundation repair can be a messy job but we’ve devised several methods to help make it much cleaner. We also clean up after ourselves once a project is completed.

Clear Communication

When you call, we answer the phone. If you ask questions, we provide honest answers. We’ll also communicate with you constantly throughout your project. Clear communication is our calling card so you will always be in the loop.

There Will Be Zero Surprises

Foundation repair should never come with surprises. Therefore, there won’t be any surprise charges, setbacks, or major changes to the project plans because you will always be informed.

Do You Need A Pier And Beam Adjustment To Fix Your
Settling Home? Call The Foundation Experts

If your crawl space foundation is settling on your Big Spring home, it’s time for a pier and beam adjustment. Call the foundation pros at Childers Brothers!

We’ll use our 27-Point Analysis to determine exactly what’s causing your foundation issues to ensure that we provide you with the right, lasting solution that will solve your problem.

Call us today at (800) 299-9563 to schedule your free inspection.

We service Big Spring and the surrounding areas.

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