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Carlsbad, NM Pier & Beam Adjustment Services

If your Carlsbad, NM home was built atop a pier and beam support system or foundation, and you’re seeing any sign of trouble, don’t hesitate to contact Childers Brothers. After close to 50 years of experience, we’ve seen it all and helped over 15,000 happy customers with the success of their residential structures. We can help you with our pier and beam adjustment services.

In brief, let’s look at three common issues or challenges that pier and beam foundations bring along with them. The point is to act now and not wait until a foundation issue (or a mixture of them) brings the situation to a financial boiling point, putting your property in jeopardy.

The Dreaded Sagging/Sinking Floors

Uneven flooring could mean piers are sinking, one or more beams have failed, and so forth. Again, this isn’t abnormal. Piers almost NEVER sink evenly due to settling, and even if they did, there would still be unevenness that can lead to a huge range of expensive problems (ex: heavily damaged plumbing).

Cracking or Increasingly Damaged Piers

Piers don’t last forever because a) they’re made with primarily organic natural ingredients that break down over time, and b) they aren’t impervious to the elements and degradation that can lead to collapse. If you suspect piers are losing integrity, it’s imperative to have a Childers Brothers technician come out to take a look and inspect.

Degrading Beams | Mold & Mildew

Your beams are likely made of wood, which means they also can break down over time and through exposure to the elements — water being foremost among them. Moisture is likely to find its way into the beams and joists so keep a close eye for mold and mildew. Beams that are severely impacted by moisture should be replaced.

Cracked Foundation – Arguably The Worst Sign

Pier and beam foundations in Carlsbad are typically found under custom-built homes (they’re often more expensive than slab-based), and homes that need to be higher off the ground (for example in lower plains or flood plains). Concrete pads and columns can break down and the foundational perimeter as well. If this happens your home is in danger.

Note: some lighter homes with pier and beam foundations are known as ‘Block & Base’ where there is no perimeter concrete beam. These are usually under lighter homes without brick, stone or stucco-based walls.

Free Pier & Beam Adjustment Quote In Carlsbad

Simply Contact Us and we’ll schedule your free, in-home, and absolutely no-obligation consultation with an expert Childers Brothers technician. There is no sales pitch – we simply perform an analysis to help you understand every variable and help you make the best decision possible for your home. Our pier and beam adjustment can help your Carlsbad home the RIGHT way.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“My floor so far is leveled with no concerns as of today. The workers were on task and were cordial in their actions and words. I did not get ripped off for a change. Thank you.”

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