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Childers Brothers is the go-to resource for soil stabilization services in Carlsbad, New Mexico. We’ve got the experience, reputation, products, and expert technicians to get the job done right. Our proven and exclusive EcSS 3000 soil stabilizer is the only proven solution in the area!

The first thing our technicians will do once they’re on site is look for the cause of soil destabilization. Most often the cause is settlement, which can result from one or a mixture of reasons.

  • Older structures are sitting atop older foundational soil. Older soil is more susceptible to abrupt and water-drenched weather patterns. Suddenly, they can slump, boom, just like that, during one wild downpour. In reality, it was likely the result of a long unnoticed process.
  • New homes may be atop soil which wasn’t properly compacted. It’s normal for a little settlement, but without proper compaction it can become a problem quickly.
  • The soil may have become overly saturated because of improper or damaged drainage or plumbing systems. Too much water can literally sweep away foundational soil causing piers and core supports to sink.

Employing EcSS 3000 Technology

Our EcSS 3000 soil stabilizer is a product that, in simplified terms, gets into the soil and stabilizes moisture levels. Homes and businesses in Carlsbad are forced to deal with expansive clay soils, which put foundations (not to mention plumbing systems) through a lot of punishment. On the molecular level, our solution helps prevent the shrink-swell cycle of soil.

Advantages of EcSS 3000 soil stabilization for Carlsbad, NM:

  • Extremely cost-effective, increasing return on investment through reducing future maintenance costs or dealing with moisture-based settlement issues.
  • The technology isn’t intrusive and there’s no large-scale excavation.
  • The solution itself isn’t some scary chemical conglomeration. It’s actually organic and water-soluble that’s tested to be 100% environmentally friendly — safe for groundwater and soil-based life.

What’s most important is that if you’re seeing signs that your home is being damaged or any structural systems, don’t hesitate. Untreated or unaddressed expansive soils can lead to far more serious foundation issues, heavily cracked walls, and even foundation failure.

Free Quote On Soil Stabilization In Carlsbad

Childers Brothers is the #1 resource for soil stabilization services in Carlsbad, NM. Simply contact us, and we can help. We can schedule a time for your free 27-point analysis and a no-pressure quote. We’ve performed projects for over 15,000 satisfied customers since 1972, and we would be honored to hear from you. Get in touch today!

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