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Childers Brothers: Clovis, NM Basement Stabilization Services

Are you having some trouble with the basement in your Clovis, NM property and looking for solutions? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Childers Brothers, we’ve specialized in basement stabilization in the Clovis area since 1972.

Moisture is often the #1 reason folks call Childers Brothers for basement stabilization services. It causes initial soil settlement that leads to those first cracks which become the portholes of destruction. Here’s the basic 3-step process many basements go through.

Step 1: Water oversaturates surrounding foundational soil, causing it to weaken and expand.

Step 2: Once it dries, the soil shrinks and causes settlement, which causes foundation shifts.

Step 3: Cracks and leakage begin in one or multiple places, worsening the entire situation.

As this all progresses, walls will get weaker and weaker until they eventually bow and near failure; concrete flooring may crack as well, along with any concrete piers. As the structure continues in this settling process, it will lead to uneven floors, extensive structural damage, and increasingly costly repairs.

Childers Brothers Basement Stabilization Services

Let’s briefly look at our general basement stabilization services so you get a quick idea of what we are capable of. With 15,000+ happy customers in our extended family, our team has worked on countless basements under all kinds of structures over the decades. We’ve seen it all!

Two of our primary basement stabilization services for the Clovis area are H-beams and carbon-fiber sheeting. H-beams can add strength to your walls and are comprised of high-grade paintable steel. H-beams require no outside excavation, so they are a minimally invasive solution.

Carbon-fiber sheeting is an increasingly popular way to add immense amounts of strength to basement walls. Carbon-fiber sheeting is stronger than steel and cost-effective. It takes up almost no space, and you can easily paint right over it.

Free Basement Stabilization Quote In Clovis

We can’t help until we know what’s wrong! Contact us today for a free analysis and quote. We would be honored to take a look at your Clovis-area home to see if basement stabilization is the right solution for your issue.

Our inspections and quotes are free from pressure, pricing games, and obligation. We provide you with the facts and nothing but. How to proceed with this information is entirely up to YOU. We didn’t get to over 15,000 satisfied customers without providing genuinely customer-first service.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“My floor so far is leveled with no concerns as of today. The workers were on task and were cordial in their actions and words. I did not get ripped off for a change. Thank you.”

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