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Clovis Epoxy Crack Repair

Childers Brothers: Clovis, NM Epoxy Crack Repair

Looking for epoxy crack repair in the Clovis, New Mexico area? Childers Brothers has decades of experience working with concrete surfaces of all kinds in just about any kind of building you can imagine. Let one of our seasoned teams come in and completely transform your most important surfaces. We provide professional, friendly, and reliable service.

Inspection First: Why Is My Concrete Cracking?

Before any kind of concrete repair solution is implemented, it’s imperative to see what the core cause of damage is. There are instances in which cracks in concrete are more than superficial. Let’s look at some of the more common causes ones:

  • The concrete itself is of poor quality or the wrong grade. It may have been laid out incorrectly and there may be insufficient expansion joints.
  • The foundational soil under the concrete is settling or sinking; voids are being created whether through excessive moisture, time, critters, etc.
  • Weather is causing excessive swelling and shrinkage; compounded with other causes on already weakened concrete.
  • The surface is carrying too much weight or handling too much traffic without adequate protection (for example coatings which we also supply and install).

What our technician will look for during the initial inspection is structural vs. non-structural cracking or damage. Structural means the building (beams, columns, load-bearers) or foundation are in trouble, while the non-structural indicates moisture or cosmetics.

How long are the cracks? How wide and deep? How many are we talking about here? Are they somewhat random looking, or stemming from important structural components? Remember, even the smallest of cracks can be indicators of a huge problem in the works. It’s best not to hesitate when you see the first sign of trouble with your concrete.

The Art of Epoxy Repair

Once it’s been determined epoxy crack repair is the best and most cost-effective course, you’ll have the option to have Childers Brothers handle the project for you. Here are the benefits:

Great Value: You CAN try to do this kind of work yourself, but how experienced are you? If this is a moderate to serious issue, can you afford to wing it? We don’t claim to be the cheapest, but we pride ourselves on providing the hands-down best value on epoxy crack repair in Clovis.

Precision Products: We only use premium epoxy—no cheap alternatives or knockoffs of lesser quality. Depending on your situation, our techs will know the exact product for the best outcome.

Get A Free Quote On Epoxy Crack Repair In Clovis

To get in touch with us, just call our local customer service number or use the form on our Contact Page. We’ll happily send a technician out to inspect your concrete and give you all the information you need. The inspection is free, no-obligation, and no-pressure. That’s a promise.

We’ve been around since 1972. In that time, we performed over 15,000 projects for satisfied customers. The bottom line is that we KNOW how to handle epoxy crack repair for Clovis homes RIGHT.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Friendly, exclusive chemical formula, knowledgeable answered all of our questions.”

Clayton, NM

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