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Concrete Coating – Denver, CO

Concrete Coating That Shines And Lasts In Denver, CO From Childers Brothers

Whether you have a home or business in Denver, CO, concrete is probably part of the deal. It may be the flooring of your garage or your basement. It may be the walls of your foundation or the steps outside your porch. Concrete is a strong, long-lasting material, but it’s not impermeable. Over time, concrete can take in water, causing it to swell, shrink, and crack. The concrete coating can help to protect your concrete while giving it a fashionable sheen. And Childers Brothers, Inc. can help you find the right concrete coating for you.

X Reasons You Need To Coat Your Denver, CO Concrete

There’s nothing that officially says you have to coat concrete, but your concrete and your home will be much healthier if you do, particularly when it comes to concrete floors. As stated above, concrete is not impermeable to water. A bad mixture of too much or too little water from the getgo can lead to concrete cracks and shrinkage. When water is spilled onto concrete, some of it will seep in and can eventually lead to those cracks. Other reasons to coat your concrete include:

  • A smoother, shinier, and possibly more colorful appearance
  • Lower maintenance cleaning and added durability for your concrete
  • Increased safety compared to uncoated concrete

Childers Brothers Uses Polyurea Concrete Coating, Here’s Why:

Epoxy is the most common type of concrete coating available. This is typically more affordable and is the “good enough” option for most. That’s not the case for Childers Brothers. Our favorite concrete coating material is polyurea. Its quick curing process means that it can be walked on in an hour and driven over in just 24 hours. It’s resistant to UV rays as well as several harsh chemicals. Our polyurea coating also comes in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can find the right aesthetic to go with the quality.

Why Choose Childers Brothers For Your Denver, CO Concrete Coating?

After 50 years in business, we know the area of Denver like the back of our hands, including the climate and environmental factors that can impact your concrete. That’s why we’re able to match you with the best concrete coating for your needs.

  • 27-point analysis and science-based solutions. We don’t approach your issue with one solution and try to shoe-horn your problem into it. Instead, we do a thorough analysis and then offer science-based solutions based on our findings.
  • Top-notch products, top-notch technicians. The best concrete coating is nothing without the right team to apply it…so that’s why we have both.
  • Word-is-bond warranties. Something wrong with our work applying your concrete coating? We’ll come out and fix it. It’s just that simple.
  • Financing can help you to afford the project with your budget.

Other Leveling Services In Denver, TX By Childers Brothers

We don’t stop at concrete coating services. Here are some of the other services you can find from Childers Brothers:

For Beautiful And Lasting Concrete Coating In Denver, Childers Brothers Has You Covered

Contact Childers Brothers Today to learn more or to get started with a free estimate. Living outside Denver, CO? Check out our other service areas to see if you’re within range.

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