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Are you a local home or business owner in Hobbs, NM looking for a foundation repair and concrete services provider you can trust? Childers Brothers has been providing structural repairs to homeowners near you in the Hobbs area for generations (we go back to 1972!) and provide a host of services you may be interested in.

On this page, you can get to know the basics of what those services are, what kind of methods we focus on, and how to join our large extended Hobbs, NM family.

A Look At Childers Brothers Core Services For Hobbs

  • Foundation Repair: Whether your home is sitting atop a pier and beam support system or slab concrete, Childers Brothers has the technology, experience, and professional team to get your home level and back to where it needs to be for both safety and property value.
  • Soil Stabilization: We have a variety of ways to re-stabilize soil that’s settling due to organic decay, heavy traffic, improper foundation construction, the area’s expansive clay soil, and more. No one knows these New Mexico soils like we do.
  • Basement Stabilization: Basement stabilization projects are all incredibly unique, while at the same time being very similar in terms of causes and outcomes. We have an array of approaches to address foundation cracks, shrinkage, soil settlement, dramatically strengthening basement walls and flooring, and more.

Childers Brothers Repair Services

Now that we’ve covered our core services, let’s dig a bit deeper into our chosen methods when it comes to home stabilization, foundation leveling, and repair.

  • Helical Piers: Childers Brothers uses only the best helical piers from the country’s most rigorously tested providers. Our installers are highly educated in pier usage and applications with decades of experience.
  • Pier & Beam Adjustment: Maybe one or more of your beams need servicing and repair, or perhaps your piers need extra support. Whatever the issue is, from replacement to adjustments, Childers Brothers is equipped and experienced.
  • Epoxy Crack Repair: We proudly use the highest-quality epoxy resins in the industry—used to repair, protect, seal and structurally strengthen your concrete along with natural structures. From cosmetic to serious concrete cracking issues, we can help.
  • Slab-Lifting Foam: Our technicians are highly trained in using and applying precision (injection) foam to re-level and stabilize your concrete slabs. We can also turn to conventional mudjacking as well if your particular situation calls for it. Either way, we’ll restore your concrete slab work speedily and professionally.

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The very first step in joining the large 15,000+ community of happy Childers Brothers customers is to contact us.

Our goal is to take your basic information and get one of our technicians out to your property to perform deep analysis and provide you with a competitive quote. Simply use our telephone number to be instantly connected or use our Contact Us page, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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