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Concrete Coating In Lubbock, TX

Don’t Settle For Cracked, Chipped, Or Faded Concrete

Many homes and businesses have concrete floors. Whether in their basement, driveway, patio, or garage floor, concrete is often the flooring choice that many people want because it is so durable.

However, despite being durable, there are things that can affect your concrete, making it crack, stain, chip, fade, and be an eyesore. Concrete coating in the Lubbock, TX area is one way to extend the life of your concrete while also making it look beautiful.

And Childers Brothers are here to provide you with the correct concrete coating that you need for your home or business.

Concrete Coating In Lubbock, TX

If you are dealing with ugly, cracked concrete floors on your property, then it is time to make a change. Our concrete coatings are meant to be durable and look amazing. In addition, these are super practical as they can be cured within four hours, and you can even drive on them within 24 hours.

Our concrete coatings are also tough as they come with a lifetime warranty on discoloration from UV rays, which is super important for those who are dealing with driveways and patios.
We offer several different types of concrete coating, all of which are designed for different situations.

Chip Coating System

Our chip coating system incorporates vinyl chips to produce a slip-resistant texture on your driveway, flooring, or other concrete surfaces. It’s a three-layer system that looks like granite once it has cured. It is meant to handle heavy foot traffic and is resistant to chemicals.

This is one option that is great for garage floors, showrooms, restrooms, and offices and looks amazing in a finished basement.

Quartz Coating System

The quartz coating system is slip-resistant and highly durable. It has five layers of protection to it. This includes the polyurea base coat, a quartz layer, a binder coat, a second coat of quartz, and then it is finished off with a top coat of polyurea.

This is a coating system we recommend for pool decks, loading areas, restrooms, commercial kitchens, and medical facilities. It works great for any high-traffic area.

Metallic Coating System

Our metallic coating system is unique in that this provides a 3D marble look that has a very high gloss finish and is available in numerous colors. It’s slip-resistant and has a ton of strength while being minimal maintenance.

It is often recommended for garage floors, entertainment venues, and even the kitchen floors in your home can be coated with this system for a unique look.

Solid Color Epoxy Coating System

This is our epoxy coating system that contains solid colors. This system is meant for extreme environments. It’s a long-term coating that is practical in any type of temperature and has numerous colors and textures so that you can get the perfect look.

We recommend this for a lot of commercial kitchens, washdown areas, pool decks, locker rooms, or other places where there’s a lot of foot traffic seen.

Solid Color Polyurea Coating System

Our solid color polyurea coating system is the only system we have that can be installed during cold weather. Thus, when you want your garage floor, basement floor, or other concrete surfaces coated, this can be the go-to solution.

This can be installed in one day, providing a beautiful but durable surface. We’ve used this in garage floors, service areas, machine rooms, vet clinics, showrooms, and much more. It is so versatile, it can really be used on any concrete surface.

Why Choose Childers Brothers

Many people turn to us in Lubbock, TX for all their concrete coating needs, and there are many reasons why they do this. After being in business for over 50 years, we know exactly what is needed in every situation.

If you come to us with the need for concrete coating, we can guide you in making the best choice of all the concrete coating options we offer. Having a professional guide you, ensures the end result is just what you had in mind. Other reasons to choose Childers Brothers include:

  • We value our customers and treat every customer with the respect that they deserve. That is how we have over 15,000 satisfied customers in the area.
  • Our motto is that we do the job right the first time. We truly believe that any job worth doing is worth giving 110%.
  • Most importantly, a lot of people come to us for concrete coating because we offer so many options that are beautiful and durable.

FAQ About Concrete Coating In Lubbock, TX

This truly depends on the situation and the location of the concrete. Wet weather is of course, not great for finishing any kind of concrete that is outdoors. However, we do offer solutions that are for cold weather applications.

This is going to depend upon the size of the concrete that is being coated. Many times projects can be completed in 24 to 48 hours.

Most definitely! Once the concrete coating has been applied, it will create a new surface, thus taking away the cracks and chips that you normally see. In addition, this is so durable that it is not going to be something that chips and cracks or even fades due to sunlight.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

“The process was carefully explained. All questions were answered. From my initial contact with the office, the evaluation and plan, through the job completion and follow-up, every one representing Childers Brothers was pleasant, professional, and competent. I can recommend them with confidence.”

– Rhonda M.

“Garage floor looks amazing!”

– C.G.

Get Beautiful Concrete Today

If you are tired of looking at concrete that is faded, cracked, chipped, and looks awful, whether this is on the interior or exterior of your home or business, Childers Brothers are here to rectify the situation. Contact us today to see how our concrete coating solutions can help you!

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