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Lubbock Soil Stabilization

Childers Brothers: Lubbock, Texas Soil Stabilization Services

If you’re in the Lubbock, Texas area and experiencing issues with your soil, Childers Brothers offers a host of soil stabilization services you can depend on. With close to 50 years in business and well over 15,000 satisfied customers, we have the experience to HELP.

Spotting The Issue

Over time, home and business foundations can be finicky. How many causes of soil destabilization are there when accounting for both humans and Mother Nature? A lot… but most often it has to do with soil settlement, over-saturation with water, or the freeze/thaw soil cycle.

Issues to look for or signs of much more serious issues include the following…

  • Soil failing and losing carrying capacity in one or multiple areas of your property.
  • Part of your home is sinking—a corner of the house, the driveway, the basement, etc.
  • Non-superficial cracks are appearing in structural walls, flooring or ceilings.
  • Along with cracking, uneven flooring or concrete slabs, bulging or bowing walls, etc.

One thing we deal with here in our Lubbock, Texas area is clay soil, which is highly-expansive. Here’s the streamlined scientific explanation from our main Soil Stabilization page:

“Clay particles have a net-negative electrical charge and attract positively-charged ions present in the soil-water matrix. As they do, many layers of water molecules are held by the clay particles. These layers of absorbed water force individual clay particles away from each other resulting in soil expansion.”

Introducing the EcSS 3000 Solution

We offer our customers ‘done once, done right’ solutions like the EcSS 3000. Since the early ’90s, it’s been used to treat hundreds of millions of square feet of residential, commercial, and industrial applications—everything from parking lots and homes to airport taxiways.

Details about our EcSS 3000 soil stabilization:

  • A cost-effective method that’s proven to reduce future upkeep costs.
  • Once the EcSS 3000 changes the molecular nature of the soil making it unable to hold tons of moisture and expand, you don’t have to worry about that problem again.
  • No massive equipment, no tearing your property apart, this solution is non-intrusive.
  • The science behind the EcSS 3000 is sound—it’s an environmentally-friendly solution that’s organically-based and harmless to groundwater, nearby landscaping, animals, etc.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today for Prompt Service

Contact Childers Brothers today so we can get to know you and send one of our friendly-expert technicians out to diagnose the issue for the best solutions. From there, you’ll receive a genuine and transparent quote. We look forward to helping you get your soil under control and get you that much closer to pure peace of mind.

  • Seasoned Operators: The technicians who run our machinery, make calculations, and work on your property are seasoned Childers Brothers professionals with all necessary training hours, credentialing, and certifications required.
  • Data-Backed Solutions: Childers Brothers works within the bounds of solid data and science—not estimations, approximations, or anything less than the highest standards.
  • Total Reliability: We’ve remained in business and thriving for half a century because we’re reliable, along with keeping our local and family-owned nature that folks in and all around the Lubbock, Texas area appreciate.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“The Childers Brothers crew were very professional. The entire job was completed in less than a day.”

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