Concrete Leveling with Foam in Midland, Texas

Professional Polyurethane Foam Concrete Leveling Services in Midland, Texas

Find yourself in need of professional concrete leveling or foam leveling services in the Midland, Texas area? Then you’re exactly where you should be! At Childers Brothers, we offer cutting-edge, affordable, and local family-owned services you can count on.

Our precision slab-lifting foam is speedy and affordable. It’s a ‘done once, done right’ solution to uneven concrete that’s an eyesore, a drag on property value, and a potential hazard. Foam leveling also has environmental benefits, plus it’s going to be far less invasive to your nearby or surrounding landscaping.

Foam Leveling vs. Mudjacking

Mudjacking goes WAY back in terms of using basic materials like sand, cement, and water to create a slurry mixture that can be pumped under uneven concrete. It’s more costly. It’s heavier than foam and requires us to drill lots more 2’’ holes into the slabs. Furthermore, mudjacking mixtures only last roughly 5-7 years. Simply put, there are situations where foam is ideal and vice versa…

  • Sidewalks (non-city) and walkways on your property.
  • Stoops and steps which have begun to sink due to normal soil settling.
  • Patios and porches with concrete supports.
  • Garage and basement flooring, which is often going to be concrete slabs.
  • Driveways of course which commonly experience settling after time and traffic.

Seeking a Concrete Leveling Contractor Near You? Get Your Free Inspection & Quote Today

First, we need to send one of our friendly and professional technicians over to your property to have a look at the impacted areas. You’ll find we work on deep analysis, use pictures and fully explain in detail what’s going on, why, and what we advise be done about it. Afterward, you’ll receive a quote and can decide what to do from there. We’re here for you. Simply use our customer service number or Contact Us page to get in touch.

Time-Tested Accountability: We’ve been serving the Midland, Texas area and communities across the state for close to 50 years now, which means our work ethic, customer service, reliability, and accountability have been time-tested… and then some!

Financing & Payments: When folks are eligible, we’re happy to extend credit, set up payments, and work with you to get the needed work done. We know emergencies happen and we’re here for our Midland neighbors.

Superior Materials: With Childers Brothers, you know you’ll get exceptional service, exceptional solutions, the best contracting professionals, and the best materials in each relevant industry — whether we’re talking basement stabilization, concrete leveling, or any other foundation work.

With over 15,000 customers served, you’re invited to join our large extended family. Feel free to browse our reviews as well. Contact us today!

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“The inspection was very thorough. We weren’t over-sold on the repair. Simple, honest information, pictures to back up the problems found. Options were well explained. Quick scheduling of the needed work. The team that came were very professional and hard-working.”

Skellytown, TX

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