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Soil Stabilization: What Can You Do?

Q & A For Homeowners

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Childers Leveling to learn, understand and explain what homeowners can do for common problems.

Q: What Exactly Is Soil Stabilization?

A: The soil’s movement in the vertical direction usually caused by stress changes is referred to as settlements.

Q: Why Is Soil Settlement Bad?

A: As the soil solidifies and shrinks, the foundation sinks, causing fractures and other structural harm. Earthquakes or even nearby vehicle movement might cause grounds to settle unevenly, causing structural damage to the structure.

Q: Are There Any Other Causes For Soil Settlement?

A: For various reasons, the settlement might occur for several causes out of our hands(mother nature). Organic matter in the soil decomposes and produces gas over time, releasing and creating voids. Perhaps there has been a significant bout of the freeze/thaw cycle recently.

Q: Anything Else? This Does Not Sound Like My Situation.

A: There is a possibility that the foundation soil has not been installed correctly or that there has been significant groundwater shifting. What if your drainage system isn’t removing enough water from your property or business? That might be another option.

Q: I See Cracks In The Basement Slabs, Uneven Floors, And Bowed Walls! Is All Lost?

A: NO! We provide various remediation options to address both soil and structural integrity effectively. Here are our go-to three methods:

  • ECSS 3000: We’ll repattern your basement soil so it can’t shrink and expand anymore; results have been safe, prosperous, long-term, and well-demonstrated over decades using this technology.
  • Foam Injection: We can fill gaps with precision polyurethane foam or mudjacking. Your circumstances are as unique as the rest of them.
  • Helical Piers: We can build custom piers to increase your home’s foundation’s overall strength significantly. Only by using the best quality materials and having them installed by professional and experienced contractors.

Q: I Don't Have Any Cracking But, I Am Noticing Pooling Water By My Foundation. Do I Need To Be Concerned?

A: At any sign of soil stabilization, which could be something like a few water spots on the ceiling, it should be treated as if it were a severe problem. Our FREE and no-obligation evaluations are incredibly beneficial because most significant foundation soil problems develop gradually.

Childer’s Leveling Offers Soil Solutions For All Types Of Your Soil Stabilization

An essential aspect of what we do is our analysis. We’ve developed a 27-point analytical approach that most of our clients appreciate — comprehensive, open, instructive, and professional. Look no farther than Childers Brothers if you live in the Midland, Texas area or any surrounding communities and need soil stabilization services. We’re a local family-owned business with strong roots in these parts that date back to the early 1970s.

Our 27-Point Analysis Costs NOTHING even though it is so demanding. You pay the same for our 27-Point Analysis that you pay for another company’s 10-minute “surface” inspection.

Contact Childers Leveling now for a free 27-point analysis of your foundation, or (800) 299-9563 or online to schedule a consultation with the industry’s best foundation repair prevention experts.

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