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Midland Soil Stabilization

Childers Brothers: Midland, Texas Soil Stabilization Services

If you’re in the Midland, Texas area or any surrounding community and looking for soil stabilization services, look no further than Childers Brothers. We’re a local family-owned company with deep roots around these parts reaching back to the early 1970s.

Settlement can happen for a variety of reasons, many of which are mother nature’s doing. For example, organic matter in the soil naturally decomposes and turns to gas over time which is released and creates voids. Or perhaps there’s been a serious bout of the freeze/thaw soil cycle going on recently.

On the other hand, the foundational soil may not be installed properly or there’s been some kind of irregular groundwater movement. What if the drainage system isn’t pushing enough water away from your home or business? That could be another cause.

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Arguably the most important part of what we do revolves around our analysis. After decades in the industry, we’ve built a 27-point analysis approach most of our customers appreciate — detailed, transparent, educational, and professional.

Our Soil Stabilization & Foundational Soil Solutions

If soil settlement is doing a number on your property, causing cracks in concrete slabs, uneven flooring and bowed walls, we have a host of solutions to address both soil and restoring structural integrity…

  • EcSS 3000: Using this technology, we’ll reshape your foundational soil so it can’t shrink and expand anymore; harmless, effective, lasting, and well-demonstrated over decades.
  • Foam Injection: We can use both our precision polyurethane foam to fill voids and relevel concrete, or turn to mudjacking. Your situation is as unique as the rest.
  • Helical Piers: We can design and source custom piers to deeply reinforce your foundational strength. Only made with the highest-grade materials and installed by skilled and experienced contractors.

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Approach any sign of soil stabilization as you would that small water spot that appears on the ceiling. Most serious issues with foundational soil reveal themselves gradually, which is why our FREE and no-obligation inspections are a serious benefit. Contact us today to get in touch. We would be honored to address your soil’s stabilization in the Midland area.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“The crew was very efficient. They were as diligent as possible with their task in not doing any damage around the areas they had worked on. They explained what was being done and answered questions I had. They were very respectful and pleasant in their greetings with my wife and me. A very nice, hardworking bunch!”

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