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Odessa Concrete Coatings

Childers Brothers: Odessa, Texas Concrete Coating Services

If you’re in the Odessa, Texas area (or any surrounding community) and interested in concrete coating services. who you work with should ideally be determined by two critical factors…

1. Coating Quality: At Childers Brothers, we use the absolute top-of-the-line concrete coating products from the country’s most proven and competent manufacturers. What’s wrong with lower quality or even knock-off products? Lower return on investment, temporary lifespan, and costly repairs.

2.Installer Experience: We have been working with concrete for decades. Concrete coating projects aren’t easy. Because of their nature, they take skill, continuing education, and experience. It’s about looking nice AND performing up to the highest standards. That’s our specialty.

Here is the truth: bare concrete is often quite vulnerable and porous. Most of us have walked on crude basement or commercial concrete — often messy with random splashed and dried paints, chemicals, grouts, etc. Coatings take care of it all at once. Here’s who…

  • Protection: Adding dramatic levels of resistance against normal wear and tear. This is essential for many high-traffic areas.
  • Anti-Moisture: Heavily moisture-resistant with waterproofing. This is a huge benefit for both homeowners and countless types of businesses – both commercial and industrial.
  • Improved Safety: With all this extra slip, moisture, impact, heat, and fire resistance, the flooring becomes an asset of safety rather than a risk or liability.
  • Low Maintenance: These epoxy coatings make maintenance and clean up an easy breeze. Ever seen someone using a wide broom to clean a polished surface in a clothing or grocery store? The broom glides on the shine.

Plus, you get to choose from a wide variety of beautiful coatings. Our knowledgeable technicians can help you choose the perfect one for your property.

Get Answers Today | Free Consultation with Childers Brothers

If you’d like concrete coating in Odessa, we first need to get a technician out to your property to assess your project. Whether it’s a classy showroom, a home driveway, a large-scale kitchen area, or a commercial garage or industrial chemical warehouse, our team will work with you to find the perfect budget-friendly concrete coating solution.

Simply use our Contact Us page or call us now. We have the products and skill to dramatically transforms and protects your concrete surfaces with the best coating systems available.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“I liked the fact that from the point of contact with our salesman to the very last minute he was involved in the entire process. The entire crew at Childers Brothers works incredibly hard to ensure that the job is completed to the absolute best that can be achieved!”

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