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Childers Brothers: Roswell, New Mexico Mudjacking Services

Have uneven or sunken concrete? If so, our mudjacking services for the Roswell area might be exactly what you need. At Childers Brothers, we’ve performed projects for over 15,000 satisfied customers since 1972. We can also utilize special slab-lifting foam injection to level your concrete. Our technicians can determine the right solution for your home.

Foam Injection or Mudjacking: Childers Brothers Versatility

  • Messy vs. Cleanliness: Mudjacking mud is basically ‘organic’ glue for concrete — a slurry mixture of sand, water, sometimes soil, and cement which itself can be made of a large variety of minerals, limestone, shells, chalk, shale, silica, etc. Polyurethane is part of a wide array of different polymers and/or plastic-like adhesive substances — derived from crude oil distillation. Mudjacking is typically much messier and requires larger holes to be drilled in the concrete.
  • Time & Effectiveness: Foam leveling takes practically no time to cure and lasts a LONG time. Mudjacking can take a while to cure and typically lasts 5-7 years.
  • Waterproofing & Weight: Mudjacking isn’t waterproof, foam is; it also weighs more than foam.

Taking these into account, our technician must then consider the basics — how old the property is, how old the concrete is and when it began settling, what the cause of the settlement is, and so forth. Mudjacking may be right for your Roswell home, or slab-lifting foam may be the ideal solution. Either way, we will recommend the right course of action.

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We’ve served well over 15,000 customers since 1972, and we would be honored to hear from you. Contact us today to get a free consultation and quote on mudjacking in the Roswell area. Our quotes are free from pressure and obligation. We give you honest advice and a price. It’s that simple!

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