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Concrete Coatings To Strengthen And Protect
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Crack In A Concrete Garage Floor In San Angelo, TX

The Best-Looking And Longest-Lasting Solution
To Cracked Concrete Floors

Do you have an ugly, cracked concrete floor on your San Angelo, TX property? Let Childers Brothers repair it with the longest-lasting and most beautiful concrete coating available in the area. Our systems can be used anywhere you have concrete floors – indoors or outdoors.

Not only are our concrete coatings visually appealing, but they’re also practical. They require the bare minimum for maintenance, so you won’t struggle with upkeep. Unlike epoxy floor coatings, with our concrete coatings, you can walk on them within four hours and drive on them within 24 hours.

Concrete coatings from Childers Brothers are also tough, and they come with a lifetime warranty on discoloration from UV rays.

Types Of Concrete Coatings Offered By Childers Brothers

We offer several types of concrete coats, so you’re sure to find the one that meets your needs. They’re all attractive options with excellent benefits:

  • Chip Coating System: a three-layer system that incorporates vinyl chips, producing a slip-resistant texture. It offers the beautiful look of granite while staying tough under heavy foot traffic and chemicals.
  • Quartz Coating System: a five-layer system that is slip-resistant and highly durable.
  • Metallic Coating System: offered in a high-gloss finish, marbleized look, and bold colors. It provides excellent slip resistance, low maintenance requirements, and lasting strength.
  • Solid Color Epoxy Coating System: a cost-effective coating system for the harshest environments – perfect for both hot and cold temperatures.
  • Solid Color Polyurea Coating System: can be installed in one day and specifically engineered for cold-weather installation. It offers high strength and bold beauty.

Our Core Values Always Put Our Customers In First Place

Since 1972, we’ve operated by the same Core Values, which are designed to put our customers as number one. They are the foundation of how we operate on every single project. These five values define who we are:

  1. Innovation: We are continually evolving as the industry changes and advances to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information and tools to provide the best results for our customers.
  2. Respect: From start to finish, we aim to make your project the most comfortable experience possible. We do this by showing you and your home the respect you deserve and nothing less.
  3. Communication: Surprises have no place in home repair. That’s why we keep you in the loop at all times. You will always have crystal clear communication from us.
  4. Honesty: We will always tell you what’s best for you, not our bottom line. What you can expect from us is the absolute truth and nothing less.
  5. Accountability: While we strive to do everything right all the time, mistakes can happen, and we will be right there to take action. If we do something wrong, we will be right there to do whatever it takes to make it right.

We’ll Get To The Root Of Your Problem

When you call Childers Brothers with a problem, we don’t come to your house with a solution in mind like the competition. Instead, we will thoroughly analyze the situation with our 27-Point Analysis to get to the root of what’s causing it. This way, we can find the best solution.

Our analysis will take longer than the standard once-over by other companies. However, we will get to the heart of what is causing your cracked concrete floor. This allows us to use our Science-Based Solutions for lasting results. You’ll get a thorough analysis with a guaranteed solution at absolutely no cost to you.

Products That Are Made To Last

We often get calls to repair projects that other companies completed. The number one reason why? Our competitor’s products failed. That’s why we only use the best products available.

A lot of reasons can cause product failure. Some products are just poorly made. Others weren’t the right solution for that specific problem. The rest weren’t made to last, to begin with.

Because of these potential problems, we make a product run the gauntlet before we add it to our collection. First, we learn everything there is to know about a product. We’ll meet with the manufacturer to learn about their customer service, reputation, and values. Then we’ll test the product, determining efficacy, durability, and overall quality.

We only add a product to our line if it passes all these steps. If it doesn’t, we’ll never let it touch your home.

Do You Have Cracked Concrete In Your San Angelo, TX
Home? Get A Quick Repair From The Experts

If you have unsightly cracks in your San Angelo, TX home’s concrete flooring, don’t hesitate to get professional repair. Get a lasting, beautiful solution from a company you can trust.

Here at Childers Brothers, we put our customers first. We will always tell you what’s in your best interest, even if it hurts our bottom line.

Call us today at (800) 299-9563 to schedule your free estimate.

We service San Angelo, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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