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Foundation Upheaval

Signs You May Need Foundation Repair: Foundation Upheaval

A Heaved Foundation Causes Many Of The
Same Issues As Foundation Settlement.

Foundation upheaval is the opposite of foundation settlement. When your foundation settles, it sinks lower into the ground. When your foundation heaves, it actually rises.

Though one goes up and one goes down, the result these problems produce is the same: an uneven foundation. Let’s take a closer look at foundation upheaval and why it’s so prevalent in the Amarillo area.

What Causes Foundation Upheaval

Central North America has an abundance of what is called “expansive clay soil.” This is soil that goes through a swelling/shrinking cycle as it retains and loses moisture.

When the soil retains moisture, it causes the soil particles to expand. This, in turn, pushes your foundation upward, thus causing foundation upheaval. As the foundation is pushed, it takes portions of your wall frame with it.

Foundation upheaval shares many symptoms of foundation settlement:

  • Sticking doors
  • Jammed windows
  • Uneven or cracked concrete floors
  • Cracked sheetrock walls
  • Cracked ceilings

Since the symptoms can be similar, it’s hard for the average homeowner to know whether they’re experiencing foundation upheaval or settlement. That’s why it’s best to not only hire a foundation contractor for a home inspection, but one that also specializes in soil stabilization.

Foundation Upheaval 1

How To Fix Foundation Upheaval & Raised Concrete

Since foundation upheaval in the Amarillo area is usually caused by expansive clay soil, soil stabilization is likely going to be your best bet. That said, you should be aware of two things: 1) Not all soil stabilization methods are created equal and 2) not many Amarillo-area foundation contractors perform soil stabilization.

We discuss why many soil stabilization methods fail here. In a nutshell, some solutions are only temporary, while other solutions are unproven. As a result, a certain method may not work… or even make your foundation problem worse!

At Childers Brothers, we have exclusive rights to a patented and scientifically-proven soil stabilizer called EcSS 3000. It’s the only soil stabilization treatment that permanently alters soil molecules to prevent them from absorbing moisture. EcSS 3000 has undergone rigorous testing from Texas A&M, Penn State, and Oklahoma State. You can find out more about EcSS 3000 on this page.

The Next Action To Take

Contact us for a free 27-Point Analysis. We’re one of the few Amarillo foundation repair contractors that specialize in soil stabilization, so we can determine whether your foundation is heaving due to expansive clay soil.

Our 27-Point Analysis is free from pressure and obligation. We video record our inspection and review the footage with you to show you exactly what’s wrong. We then recommend the proper solution to take care of the issue. Whether you choose to move forward with us is completely up to you!

Foundation Upheaval: Identifying Photos

Do any of the following photos look similar to your problem? If so, get in touch immediately!

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