Wall & Floor Cracks

Signs You May Need Amarillo Foundation Repair:

Concrete Wall & Cracks

Cracks In Your Concrete Basement Walls & Floors
Are Telltale Signs Of Foundation Trouble…

Have wall or floor cracks in your basement or foundation in the Amarillo area? If so, you may be experiencing a sign of foundation settlement.

Cracks in concrete can occur when your foundation shifts. But while cracks COULD indicate foundation trouble, they may also be no cause for concern. Let’s take a look at what could be causing the cracks, and what that could mean for your foundation.

Why Wall & Floor Cracks Could Be A Sign Of Trouble

Cracked Concrete Basement Wall - Foundation Settlement - Amarillo, TXWall Cracks:

Foundation wall cracks will be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Vertical and diagonal cracks may be the result of foundation settlement, but they could also be the result of your concrete walls naturally expand and contract. The best way to determine if a vertical or diagonal crack is foundation-related is to look for other signs of settlement: sticking windows or doors, cracks wider at the top than the bottom, bowing walls, or cracks that can fit a dime.

Horizontal cracks are a more telltale sign of foundation issues. There’s a good chance moisture is expanding the soil around your foundation and causing it to push against the foundation wall. This puts undue stress on your foundation, which can create serious and costly problems.

Floor Cracks:

Floor cracks in basement concrete can occur if your foundation sinks or settles. That said, cracks in your concrete floor may not be due to foundation issues. Concrete naturally expands and contracts, so some cracking is common.

If you have an Amarillo-area contractor inspect your floor cracks, make sure to do your due diligence on them first. You want a contractor you can trust—not one who will exaggerate a $2 fix by turning it into a $10,000 problem.

How To Fix Foundation Trouble With This Symptom

Cracks in foundation floors and walls can stem from a variety of sources, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the type of problem and the severity of the root cause, any of the following solutions may do the trick:

This is why it’s best to get an expert analysis from a trustworthy foundation repair contractor. They’ll tell you if the cracks are foundation-related or just natural concrete wear and tear. Even if it turns out that the cracks are nothing to worry about, at least you’ll have peace of mind and know for sure!

The Next Action To Take

If there’s even a 1% chance you think foundation issues are causing cracks in your walls or floors, get in touch for a free 27-Point Analysis. We have the high-tech tools and talented technicians to diagnose the precise problem of your cracks with total accuracy.

You don’t have to worry about us trying to convince you a $2 fix is actually a $10,000 problem. We record our inspections and review the findings with you in detail. If we determine your cracks are no cause for concern and are mere cosmetic fixes, we’ll tell you that’s all it is—no pressure, half-truths, or hidden agendas. Our open-book honesty is how we’ve satisfied over 15,000 customers since 1972!

Concrete Wall & Floor Cracks: Identifying Photos

Do any of the following photos look similar to your problem? If so, get in touch immediately!

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