Science-Based Solutions

Amarillo’s Foundation Repair Rooted In Science-Based Solutions

Our Scientific Approach To Diagnosing Your Problem
Lets Us Provide You With The Precise Remedy.

In our four-plus decades repairing foundations for the Amarillo area, we’ve had to fix quite a few jobs other companies have performed. And the reason why is almost always the same: The solution the first company chose didn’t match the problem.

The reality is that your foundation failure can stem from many sources. Your foundation may be sinking because of your soil’s shrink/swell cycle. Your soil may be retaining water, causing upheaval. You may have a hidden plumbing leak. Or any number of other problems could be occurring.

This is why we take the time and effort to find the root cause of your foundation issue with our 27-Point Analysis… and then create a custom solution rooted in SCIENCE based on our research.

Our scientific approach to fixing your foundation is unique to this industry. Instead of coming to your home with a solution already in mind (something many companies do), we go wherever the findings of our 27-Point Analysis lead us…

  • If our analysis tells us expansive soil is causing your foundation issue, we custom-tailor a solution to fix the soil.
  • If our analysis tells us your foundation is sinking because the strata under your home is holding too much weight, we custom-tailor a solution to lift your home back to the proper level.
  • If our analysis tells us something else entirely, we custom-tailor a solution to remedy whatever the problem may be.

Bottom line: We don’t do one-size-fits-all remedies, and we don’t try to fit square pegs into round holes. We simply guarantee to diagnose your issue accurately so we can recommend the right solution. Period.

Childers Brothers Owner With Amarillo Homeowners For Foundation Inspection Review

When We Fix Something, We FIX Something

Another advantage of our science-based solutions: NO HALF MEASURES.

Cheap, temporary solutions like concrete shoring pads and concrete press piles are pretty common in this area. And, unfortunately, they typically start to fail within just a few years. If you choose this kind of solution, you’ll shortly be back to where you started—paying to get your foundation fixed. (Again.)

At Childers Brothers, we refuse to use short-sighted, half-baked solutions. When we fix your particular problem, we utilize techniques and materials designed to LAST. We have the technicians, products, and technology necessary to address your foundation issue appropriately. Period.

That may not make us the cheapest foundation repair contractor. It does, however, ensure you invest in a solution that done right the first time. In terms of bang for your buck, you won’t find a better value. That’s a promise.

FREE 27-Point Home Analysis

No Cost. No Obligation. No Pressure.

Need house leveling or foundation repair? Don’t settle on a solution until you know the EXACT cause. Our 27-Point DEEP Analysis pinpoints the precise problem so you have the info you NEED.

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