Word-Is-Bond Warranty

Get True Peace Of Mind With Our
Word-Is-Bond Warranty

No Fine Print. No Exclusions. No Outsourced Repairs.
Just Pure Protection On Our Work & Products.

A written warranty on foundation repair sounds great, doesn’t it? After all… it’s in writing!

But here’s the problem: A lot of foundation repair warranties in the Amarillo area are worth less than the paper they’re printed on. And it’s all because of how downright strange these warranties are often set up.

Many foundation repair companies don’t actually warrant their work. Instead, they pay a third-party trust to handle their warranty issues. If a foundation repair company’s customer needs warranty service, the third-party trust—not the foundation company—handles it by outsourcing the repairs to a subcontractor. This way, the foundation repair contractor can enhance their perceived value by offering a warranty to potential customers… AND never have to worry about having to go back to fix a warranty issue.

As you can imagine, this third-party warranty creates a few problems.

First, these warranties are often comparable to those “extended warranties” that car salesmen try to sell you. This warranty is written in such a way that you can’t actually use it unless the problem is so extremely severe that it can’t be put off. For example, the warranty may stipulate that your foundation must move “X” amount before the trust company will even entertain the thought of fixing it.

Second, do you really want a completely different company doing warranty work than the one you originally hired? They don’t know the original company’s methods, exactly what the company did, or even how the company did it because there is zero communication between them and the first company. It’s a recipe for disaster.

This is why we avoid these third-part-trust warranties like the plague.

We Will Be There For You—That’s Our Promise

We don’t have a fancy written warranty stuffed with pretentious legal language. We simply guarantee we’ll do the job RIGHT—and if a problem occurs due to our workmanship or materials, we come back and fix it. It’s that simple.

You could say our “warranty” is having certified technicians, utilizing the best products on the market, and our ultra-extensive 27-Point Analysis on the front end. In other words… doing everything necessary to ensure your repair is done correctly the first time. And on the very small chance an issue occurs with our work down the road, you have our word that we’ll come back and make things right—quickly, efficiently, and at no cost to you.

How do you know we’ll keep our promise? We’ve served 15,000+ customers over the past four decades. We have hundreds of glowing online reviews, a lengthy customer-reference list, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. And we’ve built a rock-solid reputation in the community based on trust, honesty, and transparency.

Should you ever need us, you know where to find us… and we’ll always be there for you if you do.

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Helical Steel Pier Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Helical Steel Pier Limited Lifetime Warranty

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