Core Values

Childers Brothers’ CORE VALUES

See How Our Customer-First, Customer-ALWAYS Values
Mean A High-Quality, Low-Stress Experience For YOU.

It’s no accident that we’ve become the most established and trusted foundation company in the area. Since we opened our doors in 1972, we’ve adhered to the same set of customer-forward Core Values—values that have led to 15,000+ satisfied homeowners in and around Amarillo.

These Core Values aren’t just marketing fluff or empty words. They are THE bedrock philosophies we observe to the letter on every single job for every single customer. In other words: These values are the foundation of our company.

Here are our Core Values

Core Value #1: Innovation: As times, technology, and housing changes, so should foundation repair practices. That’s why we continually evolve our company by utilizing the industry’s latest and greatest materials, technology, and tools. We’re constantly expanding our knowledgebase, enhancing our product offerings, and staying ahead of the curve.

Core Value #2: Respect: We maintain a friendly and approachable attitude at all times. Our goal is to create a pleasant experience for you from start to finish. You’ll feel comfortable having us work on your home because we show it the respect it deserves.

Core Value 3: Communication: We don’t like surprises, which is why we specialize in crystal-clear communication. You’re in the loop at all times and understand exactly what we’re doing every step of the way.

Core Value #4: Honesty: We ALWAYS recommend what’s best for you… not our bottom line. We practice open-book honesty—that is, we tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. That’s a promise.

Core Value #5: Accountability: We strive to do everything right 100% of the time, but no one’s perfect. On the rare occasion we do drop the ball, we bend over backward to make things better than right. No excuses. No finger pointing. No passing the buck. Period.

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Bottom Line: These Values Are Our “Laws Of The Land”

If you choose our company, you can feel completely confident that we will follow the Core Values listed above. They’ve been our guiding philosophy on every single project we’ve done for our 15,000+ satisfied customers… and they’ll be our guiding philosophy on YOURS.

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