4 Pricing Games That West TX Foundation Repair Contractors Play

4 Pricing Games That West TX Foundation Repair Contractors Play

Beware Of These Phony Price Tricks That Foundation Contractors LOVE To Use.

Do you need foundation repair in Amarillo or the West Texas area? If so, it’s best to stay on guard when you’re getting an estimate.

Why? Because some foundation repair companies don’t always provide honest pricing. In fact, companies utilize a variety of tactics on unsuspecting homeowners to get them to pay more than they should.

In this article, we expose four of these pricing games that unscrupulous companies have up their sleeves.

Pricing Game 1: Discounts “Approved By The Manager”

If you balk at a company’s initial estimate, the representative may say he’ll make a phone call to his boss to see if he can get a better price for you.

Don’t believe him.

Here is the rub—the “new” price that the manager “approves” isn’t actually a deal. The initial estimate was intentionally too high. And there is an excellent chance that this new price is also on the high end.

This creates a win-win scenario for the company. If you buy at the initial inflated price, the company makes a hefty profit. If you buy at the “manager-approved” price, the company still makes a nice profit—and the representative looks good while they do it.

Pricing Game 2: Quotes That Leave Things Out

Let’s say you get a foundation repair quote from two companies. By all accounts, the work and materials appear to be the same. But one quote is much lower than the other.

There are two possibilities here. The higher-priced company could have inflated the quote. Or the lower-priced company undercut the other by leaving certain things out.

The best way to determine this is to review an itemized quote with the company representative. Have them explain exactly what work they will do and exactly what materials they will use.

It’s also a good idea to dig into a company’s reputation. Look for reviews that talk about how the customer had to pay more at the end of the job than they thought they would. That’s a dead giveaway that a company’s quotes don’t tell the full story.

Pricing Game 3: “Today-Only” Discounts

4 Pricing Games That West TX Foundation Repair Contractors Play 1Don’t let any company tell you that the price they quote is good only for that day. Companies use this tactic to apply subtle pressure on you to buy right then and there.

The company representative will tell you that the discount reflects how much YOU will save THEM on things like transportation costs. But it’s not true. If you do choose that company, they’ll have to come to your house again anyway—it’s not like they’ll start the job the day they inspect your foundation!

So don’t feel forced to sign on the dotted line immediately. Take your time. Think things over. And consider this: If a company plays a pricing game like this with you, are they really worth choosing?

Pricing Game 4: Cheap Foundation Repair Solutions

This isn’t so much a trick as it is a way for a company to underbid the competition.

The truth is that there are so many low-quality foundation repair methods (see Exhibit A and Exhibit B). These solutions are a cheap price, but they FAIL quickly. Then you’re back at square one… except now you have to pay TWICE to fix your foundation.

Bottom line: When it comes to repairing a sunken foundation, it’s expensive to go cheap. That’s why it’s important to choose a company that provides value through a long-lasting solution.

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