4 Benefits of Concrete Crack Repair

4 Benefits of Concrete Crack Repair

Where there is concrete, there will be cracks. Some are signs of major structural issues. Others are so small that they can be completely ignored. For those in the middle, however, epoxy concrete crack repair can yield benefits ranging from aesthetics to preventing further damage to even stopping health hazards.

cracked cement ready for epoxy concrete crack repair

What Is Epoxy Concrete Crack Repair?

Epoxy crack repair is done through the use of epoxy resins that have cured, creating a heavy duty adhesive strong enough to seal concrete.

At Childers Brothers, we use high quality epoxy repair products from Prime Resins. It is strong enough to prevent moisture infiltration, repair damaged structures, and of course seal concrete.

In some cases the epoxy is itself stronger than the concrete it seals. This allows epoxy concrete crack repair to strengthen the concrete it seals rather than simply covering up the damage.

Benefits of Concrete Crack Repair

1. Prevents Further Problems, Including Water Damage

Basement concrete wall with cracked surface

Moisture is the cause of many problems for homeowners, from surface erosion to bowing basement walls. In few cases, however, do water problems become quite as obvious as when it begins to invade your basement.

Water doesn’t need much space to seep through a basement wall or slab floor. And when it does, chances are one drop isn’t coming on its own. If the water getting into your basement has been entering through cracks in the walls or floor, shutting off this rout can help keep your basement dry and avoid the many problems that come with having a wet basement, including one that we’ll touch on later.

No one likes holding their breath walking down the stairs after a rainstorm, hoping that you don’t see the tell-tale puddles. If you can seal up the water’s entry points, you can save a lot of headaches later on.

2. Covers Up the Cracking

Plain old concrete might not be the most visually appealing substance to begin with, but cracks in concrete are especially not exactly pleasing to the eye.

While the epoxy can’t make the concrete look exactly like new, the filling of the cracks does give your home an aesthetic upgrade.

The strengthening of the walls through concrete crack repair also can limit the further spread of the cracks.

3. Prevents Health Hazards

This might sound like one of those often-spoofed local news segments — “Is that crack in your basement secretly killing you?” There are, however, two health concerns that can stem from basement wall or floor cracks.

The first goes back to the water damage mentioned in point one. What loves to grow in dark, damp environments? That’s right: mold.

On the long list of negatives about getting water in your basement is the possibility that it could spur mold growth.

Health problems from mold range from wheezing and mild respiratory issues to potentially more serious effects on those with asthma or allergies to mold.

The second potential problem comes from radon.

Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that occurs naturally in the soil. It is also the second-leading cause of lung cancer deaths in the United States behind smoking.

When radon is able to naturally dissipate into the air outside, it generally doesn’t reach dangerous concentrations. When it enters your basement through the surrounding soil, however, it can reach levels at which mitigation is recommended.

Among the radon prevention tips advocated by the CDC is filling floor and wall cracks to prevent radon and other soil gases from entering your basement.

4. Can Help Identify Larger Problems

This advantage is limited to cases where you hire a skilled technician, like those at Childers Brothers, to do your concrete crack repair.

Epoxy Concrete Crack Repair Amarillo TX

If you buy a DIY kit or hire someone who simply does crack repair, that is all you will get.

When you hire Childers Brothers, however, we do our 27-Point Analysis to determine what your home really needs. If your home simply needs crack filling, we will do epoxy concrete crack repair. If the cracks are too small to even bother with, we’ll tell you that, too.

Cracks are often a harbinger of larger problems, however, be it foundation failure or other issues. We can let you know if there are more significant issues that must be address before they cause more cracks or even larger problems.

And we pride ourselves on only suggesting larger fixes if they are truly necessary. One reason Amarillo-area homeowners love us is that we’re straight shooters. The truth is that not all cracks in your concrete require big, costly repairs. Some cracks are simply normal wear and tear that concrete experiences over time.

In those instances, we apply the appropriate fix. We’re not the kind of company that turns a $2 fix into a $10,000 problem. If our inspection reveals that your crack is merely cosmetic, we’ll tell you just that. No hyperbole. That’s our promise.

Contact Childers Brothers For Your Concrete Crack Repair Needs

If you are interested in epoxy concrete crack repair, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing the cause of the cracks themselves, contact us at Childers Brothers to schedule your free inspection. We pride ourselves in fixing exactly what needs fixing, nothing more, nothing less, and fixing it right the first time. We can do the same for your wall and floor cracks.

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