Do Crawl Spaces Need Adjustments In Amarillo, TX?


Do Crawl Spaces Need Adjustments?

Do Crawl Spaces Need Adjustments?

Do Crawl Spaces Need Adjustments In
Amarillo, TX?

Pier & Beam Adjustments Are The
Answer To Your Problems

Many homeowners have the misunderstanding that with a crawl space, there is never a need for maintenance. Why is this such a misunderstanding? Often, homeowners believe that the small crawlspace under their home really has no purpose.

However, thinking like this is WRONG! The crawl space is just like any other foundation, and yes, things can go wrong with it. In fact, a crawl space may need a bit more TLC compared to other foundations.

What Can Go Wrong With Crawl Spaces?

There can be issues that arise with your crawl space that will call for professionals to evaluate what the issues are. With crawl spaces, some of the issues that people will notice include:

  • A bounce in your floor when walking around your home
  • Windows and doors may not be opening and closing properly
  • You are noticing a damp or musty smell throughout your home
  • Your floor has obvious signs of dipping in locations

These are just a few signs that point to your crawl space needing some TLC.

Why Crawl Spaces Need Adjusting

When talking about the numerous issues that can point to your crawl space needing some attention, many homeowners ask why do crawl spaces need adjusting?

When a home is first built, the crawl space is adequately adjusted for the weight of the home. However, as the ground shifts and moves, the weight of the home can spread to the beams in the crawl space in an uneven manner. This leads to the many signs that the crawl space needs tending to.

In addition, many Amarillo, TX area homes find that the ground itself is to blame for crawl space issues. The soil may adjust lower or higher in some places, which can lead to rainwater pooling under the home, damaging beams, and creating a musty smell inside the home.

In many cases, when homeowners start to notice issues in their home, this often means they are dealing with aspects like:

  • Fallen beams
  • Cracked or broken joists
  • Rotted beams
  • Supports that have sunken too far into the ground

So, what happens if you do not fix this crawl space issue? It is going to result in some costly repairs down the road, as this is affecting the structure of your home. Just as with any type of foundation out there, when the foundation is weakened, the entire home is weaker.

How Pier & Beam Adjustment Can Help

For those who believe they have issues with their crawl space, pier and beam adjustment can be the answer to your problems.

What is Pier & Beam?

Pier and beam foundations are located under your home in the crawl space. When home’s are built, the reinforced concrete footing is buried deep underground, to the point that it cannot be seen. This concrete is meant to prevent severe shifting.

Next, piers are attached to the concrete footing. These piers can be concrete or brick, depending upon the type of foundation that is being used at the time the home is being built.

From there, the piers are going to support the beams which are directly connected to the floor joists in your home to support the entire home.

Pier and beam foundations are an older design style and more common in older communities and rural communities.

How Do We Adjust Pier & Beam

When we are dealing with a crawl space, we first start by taking a look and performing an analysis of where your pier and beams are at, and where they should be. This will help us pinpoint the issue.

Then, we actually get into the crawlspace and start to adjust the pier and beam system as needed. We take into consideration the ground around the home, the weight of the home, and any other issues that we have identified such as beams needing to be repaired, etc.

We suggest that you have professionals inspect your crawl space every two to four years. This way, the pier and beams can be adjusted as needed, preventing thousands of dollars in damage in the long run. Our goal is to always have your crawl space performing as though it was just built!

We utilize the latest technology to ensure that these piers and beams are where they need to be. In using this technology, you are going to find that your home feels even more secure, and it is one less worry that you have on your plate.

Does Pier & Beam Adjustment Work

Will pier and beam adjustment work for your home? Or is this just putting you into a situation in which your home will still need a ton of work?

Yes, pier and beam adjustments do work! It is one of the best ways to ensure that your home stands sturdy for years to come.

Thanks to the special techniques and tools that we use, we are confident that pier and beam adjustment is going to combat the foundation settlement and upheaval that your crawl space may be experiencing.

Call Today For Your 27-Point Analysis

We approach every crawl space or foundation issue with a 27-point analysis to determine what is going wrong and the process to fix the issue. You can rest assured that your home is in good hands when working with Childers Leveling, and when it comes to crawl space issues, we are who to call.

Contact us today at 800-299-9563  and get your free estimate. Do not wait until your Amarillo, TX home has major issues that are going to be costly to come back from.

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