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How Do You Stabilize A Sinking Foundation In Amarillo, TX?

How Do You Stabilize A Sinking Foundation In Amarillo, TX?

Helical Piers To The Rescue For Your
Amarillo Home

The foundation is the backbone of your home. While it may be unseen, that does not mean it loses its importance. That is why when your Amarillo, TX foundation starts to sink, you start to worry!

The good news is that when you notice your foundation is sinking, there are solutions meant to stabilize foundations and stop any of the signs your home may be showing. Signs like windows and doors not closing properly, weaving floors, etc.

Foundation Repair Solutions For A Sinking Foundation

There are several foundation repair solutions that an Amarillo, TX homeowner has to correct a sinking foundation. The key is to get your foundation fixed asap to avoid further damage to your home.

When you are already seeing signs of your foundation sinking, then it means taking drastic measures to correct this. Helical piers are one of the best ways to fix a sinking foundation and ensure your home is stable.

Helical Piers: The Childers Way

Helical piers work by placing a heavy-duty steel pier that is screwed into the ground to help raise the foundation that has sunk. Helical piers are a long-term solution, so once this is done you no longer have to worry about your foundation.

With our helical pier solution, we go as deep as needed to ensure that your Amarillo, TX home has the correct load-bearing on the soil. We drive these into the ground with hydraulics to ensure they never shift once installed.

Our helical piers are going to hold up to 12,000 pounds. The industry standard is one helical pier holding 6,000 pounds. Therefore, the helical piers we use are considered two times safer since they can handle double the load.

Installing helical piers is not going to interfere with your home or daily life. The process is easy and so precise that it is not going to affect the ground around your home either.

Signs Of A Sinking Foundation

There are several signs of a sinking foundation that every homeowner should be aware of. By knowing what to look for, you can make a conscious effort to call the professionals at the first signs of trouble to avoid even more repairs to the home later.

1. Cracks In The Flooring

When you notice that you have cracks in your foundation, the first thought may be that the flooring is older and the damage is to the floor itself. However, in many cases, cracks in the wood/tile are one of the first signs that your foundation is sinking.

2. Separation In Doors And Windows

Every door and window in your home should be flush with the walls. There should not be gaps that you see, or even feel when a gust of wind comes through. When separation occurs you are going to notice that doors and windows will not open or close correctly.

3. Cracks In The Walls

Cracks in the walls can happen for many reasons, thus many people are not concerned about them. However, when cracks become noticeable that is when to worry.

4. Soil Is No Longer Flush To House

Walk outside and notice the soil around your home and the foundation, is it still flush with the home? If not, then this could be a sign that the foundation is in trouble. While it is not always the case, many times this shows that the foundation is moving, as the dirt is shifting.

5. Floors In The Home Are Uneven

Do you find that the once even floors in your home now have a slight tilt to them? It may not even be noticeable when walking, however, if you were to take a marble and watch it roll in one direction as if going downhill, this can be a huge sign!

As the foundation sinks, the floors are naturally going to lean in one direction or another.

6. Gaps Seen In Countertops And Cabinets

Just like your doors and windows, when the foundation shifts, this can cause gaps in the countertops and cabinets throughout the kitchen or bathroom. If you notice these items have pulled away from the wall, this may not be the fault of the cabinet or countertop, it could be the foundation.

7. Damp Crawl Space

For those who have a crawl space in their Amarillo home, dampness is a huge sign that there could be an issue with the foundation. This often signifies that water is getting into the foundation.

What Happens If You Don’t Fix Foundation Problems?

If you were to ignore all the signs that your foundation is sinking, it could lead to many issues. Remember, a solid foundation is essential! These issues include:

  • Infestation of insects and rodents
  • Plumbing issues
  • Mold and mildew can start growing in the home
  • Higher energy costs since uneven doors or windows let in heat and cold throughout the year
  • Improper closing windows and doors

In worst-case scenarios, it could make the entire home seem as though it is falling in when the foundation is allowed to sink and cause damage for many years. This is a structural issue that may be hard to fix when the entire house becomes affected.

Call Childers Today…The Foundation Professionals

When you notice signs that your foundation may be sinking, don’t wait for this problem to get worse. As it will unless you take the measures to correct this. Here at Childers Leveling, we offer a free inspection that can diagnose your issues and how to correct them, so be sure to contact us today at 800-299-9563 and ensure the foundation of your Amarillo, TX home is safe!

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