How We Put The SCIENCE Back In Amarillo Foundation Repair

How We Put The SCIENCE Back In Amarillo Foundation Repair

Our Free 27-Point Analysis Pinpoints The EXACT Problem, So We Can Determine The EXACT Right Solution.

No Guesswork. No Approximations. No Assumptions.


Would you trust a doctor who diagnoses his patients just by shaking their hand? What about an auto-mechanic who says he can fix your engine problem… without ever looking under the hood?

No. Way.

So why trust an Amarillo foundation-repair company to come up with the PROPER solution after “eyeballing” the problem (i.e., the industry standard)?

Most companies throw a level on the floor, glance at a crack in the wall, and give you a dirt-cheap price for a dirt-cheap solution within 10 minutes. It’s either the only solution they know how to do, or they don’t want to take the time to properly assess your issue.

We’re different.

We perform a 27-Point Deep Analysis using over two dozen high-tech tools and pieces of equipment to pinpoint the precise problem and determine the proper course of action. We even film the inspection to show you actual proof of the issue.

The truth is that all foundation problems show similar symptoms—cracks, sticking windows and doors, sloping floors. But while the symptoms are the same, the causes—and solutions—can vary wildly. As such, it takes a lot more than the typical 10-minute “surface” inspection to ACCURATELY diagnose the problem.

That’s why we don’t just look at a few cracks in your wall and recommend a cheap fix like concrete shore pads or press piles (see why on this page). We perform a FREE 27-Point Deep Analysisusing over a dozen high-tech tools and pieces of equipment.

We utilize a moisture meter to check for excessive dampness in your concrete… a special endoscope to inspect inside cracks… a digital caliper to show the EXACT extent of the damage… and much more. We also film the entire inspection to show you actual proof of our findings!

Bottom line: Our science-based approach eliminates ALL guesswork and ANY chance of you getting anything but the best solution. It’s why over 15,000 Amarillo and Texas Panhandle homeowners have entrusted their foundation repair to us since 1972.


Foundation Repair Methods We May Use

So, what kinds of solutions can we implement to ensure your foundation gets repaired RIGHT? Depending on the issue, we may use one or more of the following methods…

Helical Piers

This is the method we typically use for foundation settlement in the Amarillo area. In a nutshell, helical piers are giant screws that we drill into the ground using special equipment. Because of how they’re built, helical piers can go ULTRA deep into the ground and be precisely optimized to carry the appropriate weight load.

Visit our Helical Piers page to find out more…

Soil Stabilization

We utilize an exclusive soil stabilization treatment called EcSS 3000. The only soil stabilizer scientifically proven by three major college universities, EcSS 3000 alters soil molecules to stop them from retaining moisture. This helps prevent the foundation-damaging shrink/swell cycle of expansive clay soils in the Texas Panhandle.

Visit our Soil Stabilization page to find out more…

Pier & Beam Adjustment

If you have a crawl space, you have a pier-and-beam foundation. And if you have a pier-and-beam foundation, you probably need it adjusted. Pier-and-beam foundations aren’t as stout as concrete-slab foundations, so they are more prone to movement. As such, it’s best to have your piers and beams adjusted every two to four years… or else face costly major structural issues. We can help!

Visit our Pier & Beam Adjustment page to find out more…

Basement Stabilization

If your basement walls are bowing, sagging, or cracking, we can stabilize them in several ways. Our two most basement stabilization options are H-beam installation and carbon-fiber sheeting. Because we’re a science-based foundation contractor, we can analyze your issue to determine the best remedy for your specific problem.

Visit our Basement Stabilization page to find out more…

Get Your Free Foundation Analysis In The Amarillo Area

Get in touch to schedule your free 27-Point Analysis. We guarantee we’ll do MUCH more than “eyeball” your problem and recommend a cut-rate solution. We take the time to assess the issue and perform a thorough, scientific diagnosis to determine the remedy you truly need.

Just like your doctor would.

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