Know Your Amarillo Soil

Know Your Amarillo Soil

We’re The Texas Panhandle’s Soil Stabilization Pros…HANDS DOWN

At Childers Leveling, We Know EVERYTHING There Is To Know About Soil Stabilization In Amarillo.

Most people don’t spend much time thinking about dirt, but we’re different. Soil plays a HUGE role in what we do, so we take it VERY seriously.

Knowing your soil is CRITICAL to being able to properly maintain your foundation for years to come. That being said, most homeowners don’t want to spend their time extensively researching their soil.

Luckily, WE know soil quite well.  More importantly, we know how to prevent swelling soil from tearing up your flooring, wrecking your stairs and concrete, and generally wreaking havoc on your foundation.

Clay Soil: What To Expect

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The soil in the Amarillo area is largely made up of clay.

Among builders, clay is far from the most popular, but there isn’t much you can do about the type of soil found in your area.

So, in Amarillo and anywhere else, clay soil is prevalent, builders have to find ways to build stable foundations anyway.

Clay is a fickle soil to build upon because it swells as it takes on water.  The water molecules are attracted to the negative charge of the clay particles, and they soak them up like a sponge.

This will cause the clay to rapidly push up around the base of your foundation.  Your floors can become uneven, concrete can crack, and it can disrupt the alignment of your doors and windows.

You can wait until this occurs and repair the damage as it happens, but that’s NOT a good idea. Until you address the swelling soil, the problems are only going to keep happening AND getting worse.

Instead, you should treat your soil so it won’t swell anymore. Believe it or not, it’s as simple as that!

Our Preferred (The Best) Soil Stabilization Treatment

There are plenty of ways to deal with this problem, but most of them either come with downsides or are ineffective.

For instance, some foundation repair companies will pre-swell the soil. This doesn’t permanently solve the problem, it’s messy, and it requires a lot of water to maintain.

Others will use lime treatment, but this will eventually wash away, leaving sulfates to build up in your soil. This is not only bad for the soil, but it can even lead to upheaval. Since that’s what you were trying to prevent in the first place, this is NOT our recommendation.

There’s also a potassium treatment that has NEVER been shown to be effective, so naturally we don’t like that one either.

SO, what’s the best soil stabilization treatment?

That’s easy!  The EcSS 3000 soil stabilization system is far and away, with no close second, the best clay soil treatment available.

We’ve done the research and tried everything. It’s the only one that makes sense for us when it comes to soil stabilization for clay soil.

Remember how we said the clay particles were negatively charged, and that is what made the water molecules attracted to them?

Turns out, all you have to do is reduce the negative charge of the clay particles, and your soil won’t swell anymore. Ever.

It’s completely safe, it’s eco-friendly, and it’s minimally invasive. There really is no downside to the system, and what’s more, it’s a PERMANENT solution. In the world of foundation repair, that’s hard to come by!

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While you can’t change the type of soil your home is built on, you can change the ionic charge of the particles.

With OUR soil stabilization treatment, you don’t need to worry about tearing up your yard to install temporary solutions. Once we’ve treated your clay soil, it will NOT swell anymore.

Call us today for a 27-Point Analysis of your foundation and soil!

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