No, Your Home Insurance Won’t Cover Foundation Repair (Probably)

No, Your Home Insurance Won’t Cover Foundation Repair (Probably)

Your Policy May Cover Damage That “Sudden, Accidental” Events Cause. But Insurances Companies Avoid 99% Of Foundation Repairs Like The Plague.

A common question Amarillo-area homeowners ask me is whether their insurance covers foundation repair.

Answer: Only if it’s a sudden, severe event that necessitates the repairs. And maybe not even then.

I’ll explain.

Foundation repair is kind of like mold remediation. At least, that’s how insurance companies see it. Like mold remediation, foundation repair is an “unknown” procedure. It’s not like fixing a roof, mending siding, or performing a repair that’s easy to see and determine the underlying cause.

Nope. Foundation repair is out of sight, and it can be hard to gauge what’s causing the issue. As such, insurance companies typically only cover repairs caused by extreme events like a tree falling on your home.

But gradual foundation settlement or upheaval—the kind that 99.9% of homeowners experience? You either have to pay out of pocket or purchase expensive additional insurance coverage. And this can add hundreds to thousands of dollars to your insurance policy per year.

Long story short: If you need foundation repair, it’s going to cost you… one way or the other.

How We Make Foundation Repair Easy On Your Wallet

If you have foundation trouble, getting it fixed ASAP is mission-critical. By leaving it alone, the problem will get worse and worse. And the worse it gets, the more damage it creates to your home. And the more damage it creates to your home, the more money it’s going to cost you. It’s a vicious, cash-consuming cycle.

This is why we at Childers Brothers have taken a customer-first approach toward foundation repair in Amarillo and the surrounding areas. Here’s how…

Awesome Financing

We offer a number of fantastic payment plans for homeowners with approved credit. Depending on the project, you can fix your foundation trouble for as low as $80 a month. Here is more info about our financing.

We Actually Figure Out The Problem

Many different things can cause foundation trouble. We pinpoint the exact issue and leave nothing to chance with our 27-Point Analysis.

Solutions That LAST

We’re the first to admit we’re not the cheapest foundation repair company in the Texas Panhandle. But cheap foundation-repair solutions always fail. We utilize products actually designed to solve your problem and last.

Trained, Talented Technicians

Having the best products means squat if you don’t install them properly. This is why we have the most talented foundation-repair technicians working at Childers Brothers. They’re highly trained, exceptionally experienced, and passionate about the craft.

Bottom line: Your insurance company may not be willing to help you. But we are.

To ensure sure you get the most for your money, we provide a free 27-Point Analysis to pinpoint the precise problem. Since you’ll likely be paying out of pocket, it’s crucial that you have this information so you can make the right decision. I believe in informing you about your issue and options before you spend a dime.

So get in touch today for a free analysis. Even if you don’t end up choosing us to do the work, you’ll at least know the cause of your foundation trouble… and what it will take to fix it right.

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