Concrete Lifting Vs. Concrete Replacement: Which Is Better?


Concrete Lifting vs. Concrete Replacement

Concrete Lifting vs. Concrete Replacement

Choosing The Correct Solution For Your Needs From The
Available Concrete Repair Options

When your concrete starts sinking, it can create a very bad look for your property. Unsightly cracks in your driveway or sinking stairs leading to your front door can really bring you down. When it comes to choosing a repair option, two of the most common choices are concrete lifting and concrete replacement.

Deciding between the two can be a complicated decision. If your home is in dire need of a long-lasting remedy to sinking concrete, compare these two methods to see which offers you the best solution. 

Cost And Time

Concrete replacement is a very laborious and time-intensive project. When you hire a contractor for concrete replacement, a crew will be assigned to the project to break up the original slab, removing and discarding the pieces. The slab’s foundation will require restabilization so that a new slab can be poured. This entire process takes a lot of manpower.

Concrete replacement is labor intensive, including breaking up the concrete like here.

Even after the cement is poured, the project is still technically not completed. You have to wait for your new cement to set, which can take at least a week, if not more. Not to mention– it can actually take up to four weeks to reach its full strength!

With concrete lifting, the slab-lifting foam is injected under sinking concrete to bring it level again. There is no demolition required and no large crew necessary. The foam is ready to be walked on in roughly 20 minutes.

Overall, concrete lifting will lower your costs by up to 50% and is more efficient because so little labor and time are required. Say goodbye to the days of having to sit around waiting for your concrete to dry!


Damaged or sinking concrete on your Amarillo property increases the risk that someone can get hurt. That’s why getting it fixed is a top priority, regardless of whether you own a private home or a commercial building.

When getting a concrete replacement, the project can carry on for weeks. With the heavy machinery on your property to complete the job and the demolition of the damaged concrete, there is potential for accidents and injuries.

Concrete Leveling - Slab Lifting Foam - Amarillo Commercial Parking Lot - Precision Lift Brand

On the other hand, concrete lifting with polyurethane foam is much quicker. The entire project may take, on average, two to three hours. There’s no heavy machinery involved and no torn-up sections of your property. The accident risk is excessively lower with this option.

Disruption To Your Everyday Life

Concrete replacement can be very disruptive to your everyday life. The use of heavy-duty power equipment can cause a lot of noise problems, and you may have to reorganize the outside of your home or business to accommodate the project.

With slab-lifting foam, you’ll be inconvenienced for a couple of hours at the most. There will be minimal disruption to your daily activities or business. Because there is no demolition crew, there will be very few disturbances from noise.

Concrete lifting with slab-lifting foam is designed for accessing hard-to-reach places and has little to no impact on your environment. Slab lifting foam is one of the most effective long-term solutions to sinking concrete steps around your home.


Concrete replacement is a long-lasting solution. All of the damaged concrete is removed from your property and replaced with new, solid concrete that is designed to stand the test of time.

Concrete lifting with slab-lifting foam is a permanent solution and is designed to never break down. Additionally, it’s lightweight and does not damage the soil underneath.

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