We Obsess Over OSHA Training

We Obsess Over OSHA Training

Your Safety And Ours Is ALWAYS First At Childers Brothers.

At Childers Brothers, we like to have all of our bases covered. We have utterly meticulous standards from safety and insurance to training, procedure, and documentation. That may make us seem a little obsessive but trust us: Amarillo foundation repair is one area where it pays to be overly careful.

Whether we’re performing our 27-Point Analysis, adjusting your pier and beams, or raising your sunken concrete with slab-lifting foam, we’ll do so in a way that’s safe for you, your home, and our employees.

In addition to rigorous technical training, we also require all of our technicians to undergo heavily monitored, in-house safety training.  From the top-down, everyone who works for Childers Brothers knows how to handle foundation repair correctly, adhering to OSHA guidelines.

Why Safety Is So Important When It Comes To Your Foundation

Your foundation bears a heavy load, literally. It needs to hold up your entire home while withstanding shifting soil and temperature changes. If it fails on you, by sinking or shifting due to swelling soil, you can have major safety hazards on your hand.

And repairing foundation problems can be especially dangerous since it often involves heavy equipment and materials that can weigh multiple tons. That’s why we don’t let anyone out on a foundation repair project until they have been through rigorous in-house training, which we monitor extremely closely.

The risk of putting an inexperienced contractor on the job or, worse, someone who has been trained incorrectly is huge. Not only might they injure themselves in an accident, but they could inadvertently do something to make your entire foundation unstable. Long story short, these aren’t the type of repairs you can trust to any general handyman or home contractor.

Our Safety Training & Insurance Standards

The specific types of training and certification we require our employees to undergo varies depending on what services they are authorized to perform within the company.  Soil stabilization with our EcSS 3000 system does not require heavy equipment, so the training for it is different from what our helical pier installers have to go through.

Helical piers involve powerful machines that twist massive drill pieces into ground using torque.  This takes an incredible amount of knowledge and precision, so we require them to be OSHA trained and certified in their field.

Not only are all of our technicians trained in proper safety protocols, but our leadership is also OSHA certified. We even have a project manager who is OSHA 30 certified!

We don’t just do this because it’s recommended but because it’s the right thing to do. We value our employees and the homeowners we work with. Keeping everyone involved safe and sound is our number one priority.

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If you need your foundation inspected by experts who know the best, safest procedures, give us a call at (800) 299-9563 or schedule a 27-Point Analysis online with us today.

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