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We Serve A 300 Mile Radius Around Our Community

We Serve A 300 Mile Radius Around Our Community

Why We’re The Best Foundation Repair Company
For Literally Miles Around</h1?

We’re Thrilled To Be Able To Repair Foundations Across The Texas
Panhandle And Beyond.

There are not many companies in the Texas Panhandle that are competent in foundation repair, let alone specialize in it. In fact, the whole reason our founders got into this business fifty years ago was the absence of anyone else to meet the demand.

But all the amazing feedback from Amarillo homeowners got us wondering if homeowners in other areas found themselves faced with limited options for contractors who offered outdated solutions.

As it turned out, there weren’t many reliable foundation repair specialists in the states surrounding us either, so we decided to branch out.

Since then, Childers Brothers has been dedicated to perfecting the business of foundation repair through technological innovation, a commitment to service, and hiring the best people.  Our science-based solutions and cutting-edge equipment have helped to put us miles ahead of our top competitors.

Now we help homeowners in four states deal with swelling soil, shifting pier & beam foundations, and so much more.

How Can We Serve Such A Large Area?

Amarillo will always be our home and community.  It’s where we live, where we’ve grown up, and where our office is located.  So, how do we go about solving foundation problems in New Mexico or Eastern Colorado?

That’s simple.  We send our team of skilled, certified technicians, and they stay there until the job is done.  Period.

Instead of a team of novice sub-contractors, you get a team of true foundation specialists.

Plus, because we’re a relatively large company, we’re able to send a team wherever they’re needed and still have plenty of top-notch technicians to serve homeowners right here in the Texas Panhandle.

That means homeowners in Liberal, Kansas get the same technologically advanced, eco-friendly, and EFFECTIVE foundation solutions as homeowners in the heart of Amarillo.

Why Choose Childers Brothers, Inc.

Stack Of Books Spelling Subject Matter Expert

There may not be a local company that specifically handles pier and beam adjustment or basement stabilization in your community.  But, that doesn’t mean you should give up hope or hire someone unqualified just to get the job done.

Call Childers Brothers instead.

Whether your clay soil requires treatment with the EcSS 3000 soil stabilization system, or you need to raise your sunken foundation with helical piers , we are the experts on the matter.  Whatever the problem, we have the foundation solution.

Give us a call at (800) 299-9563 or schedule a 27-Point Analysis online.

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