We’re Not Amarillo’s Cheapest Foundation Repair Company…And You Don’t Want Us To Be

We’re Not Amarillo’s Cheapest Foundation Repair Company…And You Don’t Want Us To Be

Paying A Cheap Price For Foundation Repair
Can Cost You BIG Dollars In The Long Run.


I like to save money as much as the next person.

I clip coupons. I shop grocery-store sales. I browse the Black Friday specials. And I’m always looking for ways to stretch my dollar a little further.

But I also realize that the lowest price doesn’t necessarily mean the best value. In fact, it can be just the opposite. And nowhere is this more relevant than the foundation repair industry.

I’ll explain.

Cheap Price Vs. Great Value

Picture two pickup trucks.

One is made with second-rate parts by an overseas manufacturer that underpays, overworks, and barely trains their employees. Price: $17,000. (That’s cheap!)

The other truck is manufactured with the highest quality parts in the USA. It’s created by trained, passionate, and well-compensated craftsmen. Price: $35,000. (That’s not cheap!)

Now forget the price. Which truck do you think is the better value?

When the bumper falls off that $17K truck as you’re hauling your camper down the highway, it’ll be an easy question to answer.

Simply put, that $17K truck is pure junk.

Sure, it’s less than half of the $35K truck. But in the long run, it will cost you MUCH, MUCH more.

You’ll start noticing problems shortly after buying it. The engine will stall. Then the transmission will die. Then the suspension will go.

As a result, you’ll have to sink thousands upon thousands of dollars into repairs just to keep the piece of crap running.

And eventually, no repair will be able to save it. It’ll be busted up so bad that not even the world’s greatest repair mechanic can save it.

Then you have to buy a whole NEW truck. In the end, you wind up paying $17K for the truck, thousands in repairs, and the cost to buy another truck.

But if you went with the $35K truck in the first place? You’d end up paying $35K.

The engine wouldn’t blow. Neither would the transmission or suspension. As such, no costly repairs… and no need to buy a new truck because the first one bites the dust prematurely.

Long story short…

The $35K truck costs more on the front end, but it’s the better long-term value. HANDS DOWN.

Cheap Foundation Repair Vs. Great Foundation Repair

It’s that same with foundation repair. Cheap repair solutions (such as concrete push piles) will save you money on the front end… and drain your wallet just a short while later.

Concrete Push Pile Broken - Cheap Foundation Repair Solution In Amarillo

Cheap solutions like concrete push piles can break down… fast.

Cheap foundation repair solutions simply don’t last. They can even make your foundation issue worse in the long run.

Like the truck example above, it’s just better to go with a solution that provides the best value over the lowest price. You might invest more upfront, but you’ll save big dollars later on.

What’s an example of great, value-oriented foundation repair in Amarillo? Helical piers.

Helical pier foundation repair costs more upfront than cheap solutions like push piles and concrete shoring pads. Helical piers are a premium-quality product and require skilled experts for proper installation. That puts them in a higher price bracket than the aforementioned methods.

But let me tell you… the difference is night and day.

While those cheap methods can start to show problems in as little as six months (!!!), helical piers are built to LAST. They’re so reliable that out of 20,000+ helical piers we’ve installed over the last 48 years, only ONE has ever failed. And the only reason that happened was one-off assembly-issue anomaly our manufacturer went into Code Red mode to resolve.

Every other time we’ve installed helical piers? They’ve been the first and last solution the homeowner needed to fix that specific foundation issue.

Get The Best Value… At An Affordable Payment

Concerned that a high-quality solution like helical piers is out of your budget? Don’t be.

At Childers Brothers, we provide custom solutions based on your budget, as well as excellent financing. We’ll ensure you get PROPER foundation repair for your money… the kind of foundation repair you only have to pay for ONCE, saving you big dollars in the long run.

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