Why Is West Texas Foundation Repair Necessary


West Texas Foundation Repair Isn’t “Sexy.” It’s Necessary

West Texas Foundation Repair Isn’t “Sexy.” It’s Necessary

It Might Not Be “Sexy,” But Foundation Repair 

Is Vital To The Health Of Your Home.


West Texas homeowners: If you had to choose between getting pretty new windows or fixing your foundation, which would you pick?

It’s okay. Be honest. You won’t hurt my feelings.

New windows have a whole host of tangible, seeable benefits. Enhanced curb appeal. Lower energy bills. No more drafts. Even a quieter home.

In other words, new windows have a “wow” factor.

The same goes for most other home-improvement projects. Siding. Roofing. Bathroom remodeling. Even gutters. They all have a visual panache to them. And the benefits they provide are clearly perceptible.

But foundation repair?

It’s dirt. It’s mud. It’s digging. It’s big metal poles and cold, dark crawl spaces.

It’s the opposite of “sexy.”

Not only that, but the results aren’t very noticeable. At least, not in the way beautiful new windows or a freshly remodeled bathroom are.

That’s said…


Foundation Repair Is Crucial To The FUNCTION Of Your Home

The benefits of foundation repair are more than skin-deep. A healthy foundation is critical to the health of your home.

Your foundation impacts virtually every part of your house. It’s the “root” under the ground from which the rest of your home “blooms.” If those roots aren’t strong and hearty, everything else will decline:

  • Windows & Doors: A sunken foundation leads to crooked windows and air/moisture penetration.
  • Siding: Siding can crack and pull apart as your foundation shifts.
  • Roofing: An unlevel foundation is a common cause of wavy, saggy, leaky roofs.
  • Walls: Walls can crack due to the structural stress of a faulty foundation.
  • Floors: from gaps in the hardwood flooring in your kitchen to cracks in your garage’s concrete floor, a bad foundation can wreak havoc everywhere you walk.
  • Plumbing: Pipes can break and leak as your home shifts.
  • Counters & Cabinets: They can pull away from the wall and slope as a result of a bad foundation.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Your foundation is the nucleus of your home. The quality of your foundation impacts the quality of EVERYTHING—including the “wow factor” stuff like windows, siding, and cabinets.

helical pier installation in action

How West Texas Homeowners Can Spot Foundation Trouble

If you think you have foundation issues, check out these Signs Of Trouble. Then feel free to get in touch to schedule a free Foundation Analysis. We’ll pinpoint any and all problems with your foundation and recommend the right course of action for your budget.

Foundation repair may not be glamorous.

It may not be pretty.

But it is NECESSARY.

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