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Why Concrete Repair Should Not Be a DIY Project

Why Concrete Repair Should Not Be a DIY Project

No one likes the look of cracked, worn concrete, especially on their walls and floors. It might seem easy enough to repair as a DIY project, simply filling in the cracks. But many homeowners who begin a concrete repair project themselves often come to feel overwhelmed when the cracks return or wish that they had hired a professional. Here are a few reasons why it might be for the best to avoid a DIY concrete repair project altogether and call Childers Brothers to help with your concrete repair:

It’s About More Than Filling Cracks

One of the biggest misconceptions about concrete repair is that the goal is simply to fill in the cracks. This takes care of the aesthetic issue with the concrete, but it is essentially putting a bandaid on the bigger issue — whatever it was that caused the cracks. This can be harder to suss out without the help of a professional. Before beginning the project, Childers Brothers always starts with a full inspection to diagnose the extent of the problem and the true cause. We also use epoxy crack repair for all of our concrete repair projects to not only fill the cracks but strengthen the walls and floors, preventing further issues in the future.

There Are More Concrete Issues Than Cracked Concrete

When you think about concrete repair, you probably typically think about cracked concrete, and the first portion of this blog has in fact covered cracked concrete. However, that is not the only issue you could run into that could call for concrete repair. For instance, sunken concrete can not only be unattractive, but it can potentially be a hazard to your home, especially in your floor. This might be a more complex fix, but concrete repair professionals will know how to tackle it.

Water Damage Will Only Worsen If Not Repaired Correctly

If your concrete is weakened, that makes the walls or floor of the space more vulnerable, especially to water damage. This is not only an issue for all of your belongings in the space, but it will also exacerbate the damage to the concrete. In many cases, a bad fix is worse than no fix at all. It means that you put money and effort into repairing the concrete only for the problem to return, worse than ever. A concrete repair professional, with the right repair products such as epoxy crack repair, will help to ensure that the water damage is fully repaired and that the concrete walls or floor are fortified in the future.

Need help to tackle your concrete repair effectively, so that it lasts for years to come? Contact Childers Brothers today to get started with a free estimate.

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