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Why Other Soil Stabilization Methods Fail

Why Other Soil Stabilization Methods Fail

You need soil stabilization to protect your home’s foundation. Maybe you’ve noticed the foundation is settling or you’ve found uncomfortable cracks in your basement walls from soil pushing up against the home. But you may have also heard mixed things about soil stabilization that left you wondering if it was truly worth it.

The truth is there are different methods of soil stabilization, and not all of them are effective. We use EcSS 3000, the most proven effective soil stabilization method. It permanently alters the particles of clay soil, reducing water permeation to 1-2%. Other methods include lime, cement, and bitumen. But ultimately these methods simply don’t hold up. Here’s where they fail:



Lime is a common method of soil stabilization that is mixed with soil in order to pull moisture from it. While it works in the immediate time, it is not always long lasting and might require more soil stabilization treatments over time. This is true of other soil stabilization methods, as well. EcSS 3000 works differently because it changes the atoms of clay particles, changing them from negative to positive in order to be less likely to absorb water and expand. The one soil stabilization treatment should be the only one you need for your home.



Even if your soil stabilization method is reliable, no one wants to deal with the mess. Some soil stabilization methods might involve tearing up your yard or might leave a residue that gets everywhere. We use top products and technology to be as precise as possible. This is minimally invasive and leaves little mess. Plus, our highly professional team always cleans up after the work is done, so you won’t be left with the mess.


Environmental Impact

Many of these other soil stabilization methods, such as lime or cement soil stabilization, also have a poor environmental impact due to carbonation and sulfate. Cement soil stabilization means that the soil ceases to even be soil, becoming instead a mixture called soil cement. But EcSS 3000 is frequently tested to ensure that it is the best soil stabilization method available, not just in terms of longevity but environmental impact. If you’re an eco-conscious homeowner, this is the option with the most satisfying environmental impact.

Want a soil stabilization method that really works? Contact Childers Brothers, Inc. today for more information or to set up a free estimate.

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