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Why Overwatering Your Lawn Can Damage Your Foundation

Why Overwatering Your Lawn Can Damage Your Foundation

Cory’s Advice Corner: Why Overwatering
Your Lawn Can Destroy Your Foundation

And Two Other Ways That Happy Soil Equals
A Happy Foundation.


Did you know it’s possible to drink too much water?

It’s true. Overindulging in H2O can actually make your cells swell! This is commonly called water intoxication, and it can cause everything from confusion to disorientation to nausea and worse.

Why am I telling you this?

Just like your body, the soil under your lawn can also be overhydrated. And similar to how the cells in your body swell, so too do a soil’s molecules. When that happens, the soil around your foundation expands and causes your foundation all kinds of problems.

How To Water Your Lawn Without Damaging Your Foundation

Don’t get me wrong—water is absolutely essential for a healthy lawn. But it has to be the correct amount of water.

Think of it this way…

On average, you need to consume about 64oz of water a day. Yet you don’t want to drink 64oz of water in one sitting. That’s how you end up with water intoxication.

Instead, you should space out your water consumption over the course of the day. A glass of water here… a glass of water there… that’s how you hydrate properly.

It’s the same when it comes to watering your lawn. Yes, your lawn needs plenty of water. But you don’t want to flood your lawn with gallons of water all at once. You want to spread out your watering over a period of time.

Grass roots are pretty shallow, usually not going deeper than about six inches into your soil. As soon as the roots are saturated, your lawn is sufficiently watered. Anything beyond that is just leaking into your ground soil, wreaking havoc, and doing your grass ZERO good.

It really comes down to this: Texas Panhandle soil is really, really dry. Therefore, it absorbs water like a sponge. When you overwater your lawn, the soil underneath doesn’t have time to absorb and properly “digest” all the moisture. This causes the soil molecules to swell, which can…

The specific issues vary from home to home, but the overall result is the same: substantial foundation damage.

Just remember—treat your lawn and soil like your body. Consistent hydration beats heavy chugging!

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Two Other Ways To Keep Your Soil (And Foundation) Happy

Don’t Rely On Weight-Based Foundation Repair Solutions

Texas Panhandle soil is dry and hard-packed. As a result, foundation repair solutions that rely on your home’s weight to push them down (concrete push piles and concrete shoring pads, for example) aren’t stout enough to work. They simply can’t make it past the hard soil and into load-bearing strata.

This is why foundation repair methods like helical piers work best for West Texas homes. Helical piers are FAR superior because they A) rely on torque instead of your home’s weight and B) can go as deep as necessary. They might not be the cheapest foundation repair solution, but you know what they say: The most expensive repair is the one that’s done twice.

Consider Soil Stabilization Sooner Rather Than Later

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And there is no better way to prevent soil-related foundation damage than a proven soil stabilization solution.

Take our exclusive EcSS 3000 soil stabilizer as an example. It’s scientifically proven to prevent your soil from retaining too much moisture—FOR GOOD. (Trust me… not all soil stabilizers work.)

At the risk of sounding like a salesman, it’s best if you invest in a soil stabilizer BEFORE big foundation problems occur. That way, you all but eliminate the danger of expensive, soil-induced foundation issues in the future.

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