Childers Brothers FAQ

Answers To Common Questions About Our
Foundation Repair For The Amarillo Area.

We’re an Amarillo-based company that specializes in house leveling, foundation repair, and concrete repair. We’ve been around since 1972 and have over 15,000 satisfied customers.

Unlike some foundation repair companies in the Amarillo area, we don’t do just one or two types of service. As one of the larger companies in the region, we have the resources and staff to provide a wide range of high-quality solutions. This includes the following:

Our four-plus decades of experience and insistence on doing everything RIGHT. Before we even think of recommending a solution to you, we first perform a free 27-Point DEEP Analysis of your foundation and property. This lets us diagnose your problem properly so that you can invest in the right remedy.

The Why Us section of our website is a great place to find the answer. You’ll discover plenty of details about what sets us apart: Science-Based Solutions, Better Products, Top Technicians, Relentless Reliability, Word-Is-Bond Warranty, and more.

Absolutely! One of the most important aspects of foundation repair is figuring out what’s wrong in the first place. If your property shows Signs Of Foundation Trouble, get in touch with us for a free 27-Point Analysis.

No matter what we discover, we can guide you to the right solution for your problem. Even if the problem is no real cause for concern, we’re happy to at least provide you with the peace of mind that your home is okay.

Can’t stand it! We don’t twist arms, play pricing games, or utilize sales tricks. It’s that simple. We perform an analysis, review our findings with you, quote you a firm price, and then let YOU decide how to proceed.

If you choose to move forward with us, we would be honored to have your business. If you want time to think things over, we’ll be here if you decide you need us. And if you decide you’d like to go in a different direction, that’s A-OK. As long as we’ve given you the information you need to make a comfortable decision, we’ve done our job.

Husband-and-wife team Cory and Melissa Davis. Melissa is the daughter of Childers Brothers founders, Gaylon and Joey Childers. Cory worked for Childers Brothers for 20+ years before he and Melissa bought the company in 2018. Childers Brothers is a company that’s been a family business for multiple generations!

We stand by our work and products for life. If an installation error or material defect causes an issue, we’ll fix it. End of story.

A lot of warranties in this industry sound good on paper, but they are often full of loopholes and fine print. We don’t play those games. Our Word-Is-Bond Warranty is your ironclad guarantee that we’ll always be here for you.

We charge exactly what it takes to do the job 100% right the first time—not a penny more or less. Our higher-quality technicians and permanent solutions don’t make us the cheapest foundation repair company in the Amarillo area, but going cheap with foundation repair WILL cost you more in the long run. So while you might find a lower price than what we quote, you won’t find a better VALUE. That’s a promise.

Yes! We offer several payment options for those with approved credit. Our most popular plan is 12 months with 0% interest, but we can secure financing for a low APR for up to 144 months. Payments can start as low as $80 per month, depending on the project. Visit our Financing page for details.

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