Basement Stabilization

Advanced Techniques for Effective Basement Stabilization

We Straighten, Strengthen & Stabilize
To Make Your Basement Stronger Than Ever.

There are many, many signs that the basement walls of your Amarillo-area home could be bowing, bulging, or having foundation-related issues…

  • Cracks in the walls that are wider at the top than at the bottom
  • Floors that are not level
  • Doors, cabinets, and windows that do not shut properly
  • Cracking in the upstairs drywall
  • Cracking in exterior brickwork or caulking
  • Leaning of outside chimneys or porches

If these symptoms ARE the result of bowing or buckling basement walls (which our 27-Point Analysis can determine), it’s best to act immediately. Structural issues with your basement can lead to severe—and severely costly—foundation problems.


Basement Stabilization

What it is: Straightening and stabilizing your bowed basement walls to prevent foundation issues.

Why It Works: Our solutions add structural integrity to your basement to help it resist bowing, buckling, and tilting.

Who It’s For: Homeowners who know they have buckling basement walls or whose homes show potential Signs of Foundation Trouble.

At Childers Brothers, we offer a variety of PROVEN basement-stabilization solutions—and we match the exact right solution to your specific situation. But no matter which is right for your home, the solution we provide will adhere to what we call the 3 S’s:

Strengthen: We can actually make your basement walls stronger than they were before.

Stabilize: Our basement solutions are a long-term solution to help your walls hold their structural integrity.

Straighten: In conjunction with the proper excavation, our solutions can straighten out your bowing or bent basement walls.

In other words—when it comes to basement stabilization, we have a single philosophy: No half measures.

Two of our most common basement-stabilization methods are H-beam installation and high-tech carbon fiber sheets. Below, you’ll find more information about each.

H Beam For Basement Stabilization In Amarillo TX Childers Brothers


Our unique H-beams stabilize your basement and can actually strengthen your walls. Our H-beams are made of paintable high-grade steel to ensure maximum support while resisting rust. We custom-fit the H-beams to your basement walls and can continually tighten them over time to further improve the structural integrity of the wall.

We prefer installing H-beams over I-beams because of their sturdier build. H-beams are heavier than I-beams, more dimensionally square, and have a thicker center web. This can allow H-beams to take more force than an I-beam. (And wouldn’t you want THE strongest beams stabilizing your basement walls?)

Our H-beam installation requires no outside excavation and causes minimal disruption in your home. The H-beams themselves provide a clean and neat appearance, so your basement will look great after installation.


Carbon Fiber Sheets

Carbon fiber sheets are relatively new technology. They are a lightweight, maintenance-free material that adheres to your basement wall over cracks to strengthen the wall and permanently prevent more damage from occurring.

Carbon fiber sheets are scientifically proven to be stronger than steel, making them an excellent solution for basement stabilization. They can also be painted and take up much less space than other solutions like I-beams.

Bottom line: Carbon fiber sheets are a cost-effective, non-invasive, and proven way to strengthen and stabilize your basement walls.

Childers Brothers Foundation Repair Technicians Helical Pier Installation In Amarillo TX

We Provide Other Basement Stabilization Solutions, Too!

H-beams and carbon fiber sheets are just two possibilities we offer for stabilizing your basement. The solution we use for your specific situation depends on the results of our 27-Point Analysis.

At Childers Brothers, we practice Science-Based Solutions. In other words, we don’t come to your home with a solution already in hand; instead, we fully diagnose your issue before we determine a remedy. This allows you to get the guaranteed BEST solution… a solution that’s done once and done right.

So before you take action on signs of bowing, buckling, or cracked basement walls with your Amarillo-area home, get in touch with us. Our 27-Point Analysis is free and will reveal the full extent of the problem to you. Even if you choose not to move forward with us after the analysis (don’t worry—we’re anti-sales pressure!), you’ll still have all the information you need to make the best decision for your home. That’s a promise.

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