Epoxy Crack Repair

Fix Cracks & Strengthen Concrete In Amarillo With
Epoxy Crack Repair

When It Comes To Fixing Cracks In Amarillo,
We Are Obsessively Attentive To Detail.

Have cracks in your concrete walls or floors? If so, consider our ultra-tough, state-of-the-art epoxy crack repair for the Amarillo area.

We’re not the typical foundation contractor that eyeballs the problem and applies whatever solution is cheap and easy. We perform a full-blown inspection that actually gets deep down inside your concrete’s cracks to determine the exact extent of the issue. Once we know how deep the problem goes, we develop a custom solution to resolve the problem RIGHT.

The epoxy products we use are much more advanced than the cheap stuff you’ll find at your local Home Depot. We get our materials from high-end industry manufacturers like Prime Resins, which makes epoxy products for a wide variety of issues—moisture prevention, structural repair, and more. Some of our epoxy is so advanced that it’s actually harder and stronger than the concrete it’s filling!

Many of our manufacturers require special installation training before they allow a contractor to use their products. This means you’re ensured the absolute best workmanship when you choose us for epoxy crack repair.
At Childers Brothers, we’re all about precision. We utilize the tools and practices to determine exactly how much epoxy to use. We don’t just splash some epoxy over the crack’s surface—we get ALL the way inside the crack and completely fill it to provide a permanent fix.


Epoxy Crack Repair

What it is: Heavy-duty adhesive to repair cracks in your concrete.

Why It Works: Our cutting-edge epoxy products not only fill cracks… they actually strengthen your walls!

Who It’s For: Anyone experiencing cracks in their concrete walls or floors.

Epoxy Concrete Crack Repair Amarillo TX

Does Your Cracked Concrete Really Need In-Depth Repairs?

One reason Amarillo-area homeowners love us is that we’re straight shooters. The truth is that not all cracks in your concrete require big, costly repairs. Some cracks are simply normal wear and tear that concrete experiences over time.

In those instances, we apply the appropriate fix. We’re not the kind of company that turns a $2 fix into a $10,000 problem. If our inspection reveals that your crack is merely a cosmetic issue, we’ll tell you just that. No hyperbole. No exaggerating the problem. No making mountains out of molehills. That’s our promise to you.

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