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Childers Brothers: Abilene, TX Foundation & Concrete Services

Welcome to the Childers Brothers services page for the Abilene, Texas area and surrounding communities. We’ve been in this part of Texas for generations — on this page, you can learn more about what we offer home or business owners, a bit more about us as a company, and how to get the process started.


Childers Brothers’ Core Abilene, TX Services

Our roots trace back to 1972, when we initially opened our doors as a house painting company but soon recognized a greater need in foundation and concrete repair. It was a natural fit and we’ve never looked back. Here are the four core services we can offer, in brief, without getting too deeply into specifics. (That’s best left for an in-home inspection with one of our friendly technicians!)

Foundation Repair: Whether you’re interested in foundation repair help with a home soon to be constructed or an existing home, we have decades of experience with residential structures sitting atop our Texas soil.

Soil Stabilization: We have an exclusive and proven soil stabilizer EcSS 3000. Using this technology, we get into the soil and rearrange it, change it, so that soil expansion and shrinkage becomes a mute issue.

Basement Stabilization: We’ve stabilized basements in almost any kind of structure you can think of. We’re no stranger to these environments or the issues that cause problems — the most prominent of which are water/moisture and settling soil.

Concrete Coating: We can not only repair your concrete surface, but we can transform them as well. From commercial building floors to industrial, from driveways and basements and garages to high-class (high-gloss) showroom floors, our technicians are specially-trained in their coating application and installation.


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