Concrete Leveling With Slab-Lifting Foam in Abilene

Is Your Concrete Sinking In Abilene? Concrete Leveling With Slab-Lifting Foam Is An Easy Fix

Foam Leveling Is A Cost-Effective Method To Repair Your Sinking Concrete That Is Non-Intrusive And Long-Lasting

When your Abilene concrete starts sinking, you have two choices: full concrete replacement or concrete leveling. Concrete leveling with slab-lifting foam is very effective, costs around half as much as a full concrete replacement, is non-intrusive, and is long-lasting.

Concrete replacement is a permanent fix. However, the process is expensive, labor-intensive, slow, intrusive, and requires many materials. The time from pouring the concrete until it is 100% ready is long:

  • 24-48 hours until it can be walked on
  • 7-10 days before it can be driven on
  • Up to 4 weeks before it reaches full strength

On the other hand, concrete leveling is much quicker and less costly. Mudjacking is the most common process for concrete leveling. However, this is a highly invasive process that requires the drilling of multiple large holes in the concrete. A slurry-grout mixture is then pumped under the concrete to level it.

Mudjacking does cost a fraction of what full replacement costs, but it leaves your concrete full of holes. It’s also a temporary fix that can break down again in just a few years.

The great news is Childers Brothers offers a long-term alternative that has been proven effective leveling concrete slabs for other homeowners near you. Our foam-leveling is cost-effective and is made to last.

Why You Should Choose Slab-Lifting Foam From Childers Brothers

Large Crack In Patio CementOur slab-lifting foam is state-of-the-art. The process costs a fraction of the cost of total replacement and is built to last. It’s non-intrusive, so you won’t be left with an unsightly patch job. It’s environmentally friendly, quick, and leaves you with no downtime or mess.

High-quality slab-lifting foam is an excellent solution for driveways, sidewalks, steps, basements, patios, and garage floors. It can lift up to 10,000 pounds per square foot! At Childers Brothers, we use specialized tools that allow us to use the exact amount of foam needed to achieve the desired results.

Slab-lifting foam beats Mudjacking every time:

  • It’s permanent: Mudjacking typically only lasts 5-7 years. After this time, the slurry mixture starts to break down, and your concrete will begin to settle again. Slab-lifting foam will NEVER break down.
  • It’s lightweight: Mudjacking slurry is heavy and damaging to the soil under your concrete. Slab-lifting foam is super light, leaving the soil in top condition.
  • It’s cosmetically superior: Mudjacking requires the drilling of multiple large holes in your concrete. Slab-lifting foam requires very few small holes to be drilled in your concrete, leaving a much better final appearance.

There is almost zero downtime with slab-lifting foam. It is ready to go in about 20 minutes. Mudjacking slurry, on the other hand, requires 24-72 hours for its slurry mixture to cure.

Industry-Leading Slab-Lifting Foam

We use the industry’s premier slab-lifting foam, Precision Lift from Prime Resins. Prime Resins is one of the industry’s go-to manufacturers for products relating to slab lifting. There are very few companies that put in the same time, effort, brainpower, and resources they put into creating their products.

Precision Lift is made with special technology that focuses on soil erosion and stabilizing the surrounding soil. It has the highest strength when it comes to void filling. Foam leveling is the best value for your money when it comes to fixing uneven concrete in the Abilene area, and Precision Lift is the best product for the job.

Choose A Local Expert With Integrity

At Childers Brothers, we believe in being honest. We will only ever suggest services that you truly need. We will never try to get you to agree to anything that will benefit our bottom line.

We will use our Word-Is-Bond Warranty to ensure that all of our customers’ needs are met. If something goes wrong, we will be right back to fix it. This is how we have hundreds of positive reviews and how we have conducted business over the 50 years that we have served the northwestern portion of Texas.

Searching for a Concrete Lifting Contractor Near You in Abilene? Contact Childers Brothers Today

Let us take care of all of your sunken concrete needs. With our state-of-the-art slab-lifting foam, your Abilene concrete slab will be good as new. Contact us today.

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