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Soil expansion is a term Abilene homeowners know all too well. Soil expansion occurs all over the state of Texas due to the problematic and unpredictable seasons of extreme drought and torrential downpours.

When the soil dries out, it loses its ability to effectively soak up excess water around the home’s foundation. This excess water can wreak havoc on the home’s foundation, which leads to foundation upheaval, requiring a visit from your friends at Childers Brothers for foundation repairs.

Our unique soil stabilization methods are highly regarded as the best long-lasting solution to soil expansion. And here’s the kicker.

We are the ONLY foundation repair company in the entire state of Texas that offers these services.

Are You An Abilene Homeowner?
Then You Deserve The Best!

If our free 27-point analysis has determined that your foundation could greatly benefit from soil stabilization, we have the only scientifically proven solution! EcSS 300™ is a soil stabilizing solution developed by Environmental Soil Stabilization LLC in 1993. After we were given the opportunity to purchase the company in 2014, we knew we had to jump on it.

The result is that we were able to reserve the entire company’s product line and technology for strictly our loyal customers! That means Childers Brothers is truly the only provider of EcSS 300™ in the Abilene, Texas area!

How EcSS 300™ Can Help Your Abilene Home

Foundation upheaval is caused by soil swelling. Soil swelling occurs once clay particles have absorbed moisture. Because water is attracted to negative charges within the clay, reducing the percentage of negative particles in the clay soil will, in turn, reduce or eliminate the risk of soil swelling altogether.

This form of soil stabilization is accomplished by injecting EcSS 3000™ into the soil around the foundation of your home using state-of-the-art technology in a non-invasive manner.

And that’s it!

After EcSS 3000™ has been introduced into your soil, we let it do the dirty work!

Still not convinced? Well, lucky for you, the wonderful effects of EcSS 3000™ have been scientifically proven by Texas A&M, Penn State, and Oklahoma State University!

“The technicians who provided the service were very professional and friendly. The work was completed in good and clean manners. We were very satisfied with the work.”

Harish & Kokila P.

Shamrock, TX

Signs That Your Home Requires Soil Stabilization

While foundation repairs can be a costly endeavor, soil stabilization is by far the most affordable way to prolong the life of your home. Foundation problems can quickly turn from bad to worse, so getting ahead of the issue at hand in a timely manner is imperative.

Depending on the severity of damage to your foundation, your home may require more extensive treatments than solely soil stabilization. There are a few quick ways Abilene homeowners can determine if their foundation is in trouble:

  • Wall & Floor Cracks: Cracks occurring in walls and floors while the home settles into place. Horizontal cracks or cracks that are large enough to fit a dime into are almost certainly caused by issues with the foundation.
  • Sticking Windows & Doors: Similar to cracks, sticking windows and doors are a sure sign of foundation issues. As the foundation shifts, walls become further or closer apart. This could prevent a door or window from being able to open or close properly.
  • Foundation Upheaval: As we have already mentioned, foundation upheaval typically requires immediate soil stabilization methods to prevent further damage to the foundation.
  • Sagging Floors: Sagging or uneven floors indicates the support system for the entire home is compromised. This is a direct result of foundation damage and may require more extensive repair methods such as basement stabilization.

“Workmanship and professionalism. Explanation and description of work that was to be done beforehand was outstanding.”


Lubbock, TX

We May Not Be The Quickest Or Cheapest,
But We Are The Best According
To Abilene Homeowners

There’s one simple reason to explain why we don’t try to be the cheapest or quickest option in town; experience. The world of home remodeling in Texas contains many sketchy characters who, quite frankly, we wouldn’t trust to work on our own homes.

When you choose Childers Brothers for your soil stabilization, you are GUARANTEED satisfaction and long-term results. After all, our word is our bond.

We complete a project right the first time. No games, no gimmicks, no take-backs.

Are you ready to tackle your soil stabilization project head-on? We are too!

Contact the foundation repair experts at (800) 299-9563 or get in touch today!

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