Amarillo Basement Stabilization

Basement Stabilization Services For Amarillo, TX Homeowners

Are you searching for a local family-owned company that can provide basement stabilization services for your Amarillo Texas home at affordable prices? We have been in the business for decades, and we’re your surefire choice.

Because by the time you actually notice the bowing (typically happens before small to moderate-sized cracks begin appearing), there’s been a serious problem in the works for some time! Worry not, let’s explore how we can help.

Note: If you’d rather talk to a professional with over 15,000 customers and four decades in the business right NOW, Contact Us.

Basement Stabilization Options

Steel H-Beam Reinforcement
Custom H-beams can fix many stabilization issues. The beams will take pressure off of where it shouldn’t be and help equalize it so we can address cracked or bowing walls and any flooring damage. Our technicians are especially experienced in the Abilene area.

Carbon Fiber Sheeting
We also offer modern carbon fiber technology to add dramatic levels of extra strength to your basement walls as well as concrete structures. What we do is install or bond the carbon fiber sheets – epoxied to the wall. They’re great because they take up far less space and you can paint right over them.

  • Increased coverage area with wider sheets—far more than H-beams can cover.
  • Increased wall strength because of how the carbon fiber is constructed.
  • Can be used in combination with H-beams and many other solutions.

The Childers Brothers Difference

When it comes to the integrity of your home and basement stabilization, Childers Brothers stands in front of decades of experience and a solid reputation in the Amarillo area of the Texas Panhandle.

Top-Class Quality: Our professional technicians as well as the technology, products, services, and materials we count on to execute our jobs with precision are of the highest quality. Our work is guaranteed. Click Here to Learn More about Our Word-Is-Bond Warranty options.

27-Point Analysis: After setting up a no-obligation inspection with one of our technicians, they’ll perform an extensive 27-point analysis on your basement to take everything into account and provide the clearest most upfront quote possible. Click Here for Details About Our 27-Point Analysis…

Accountability and Financing: We hold ourselves to the highest standards, which includes our ability to work within your budget as well as being able to offer financing options with approved credit. Click Now to Learn about Our Reliability & Financing Policies…

If you’re seeing signs that your home’s basement stabilization is in trouble, contact Childers Brothers and we’ll set up a free inspection. All your questions can easily be answered, especially if this is the first time you’ve heard of the carbon fiber sheeting approach to strengthening your walls and supports.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Professional, very courteous and respectful of your property and person. Was Blessed to have found Childers Brothers and will use their services again if necessary.”

Amarillo, TX

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