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Attention Amarillo homeowners: if you need a pier and beam inspection, adjustments, additional beams, replacements for old wooden beams, or perhaps an updated system for a new property or basement remodeling project, you can rely on Childers Brothers for help with these specialized foundations.

Lots of homes in our area are built on stout pier and beam foundations, primarily because this type of foundation provides the larger integrated crawl space with interior or exterior entrances. We advise most homeowners get a pier and beam inspection once a year so technicians can look at structural stability and for environmental and design-related stress factors.

Cracks In Sheetrock Or Brick Veneer

Unlike conventional concrete slab foundations, piers and beams have lots of moving parts and more complexity, but can be adjusted depending on how the foundation’s moved. On the flip-side, however, pier and beam are a) easier to repair than concrete because of their installation style, and b) less labor-intensive, so less expensive to work with.

It’s important to move fast when you become aware of any warning signs though, as degradation gets costlier and costlier over time as more beams rot or succumb to bugs or rodents, dampness and mildew, and so on.

When cracking appears in your sheetrock or brick veneer, potential causes include:

  • One or multiple beams may be compromised or have already deflected (fallen).
  • Supports may have sunk into the ground thanks to loosening or weakening soil.
  • Joists can crack and break over time, also susceptible to damage or failure.
  • For whatever reason, one or multiple beams simply aren’t performing as they should.

No matter which your home is experiencing, we can root out the problem and HELP.

Amarillo Area – Panhandle Soil Issues

We see our share of seasonal moisture around these parts, which greatly impacts the expansive clay soil in our area. Expansive clay soil has greater potential for moisture retention. As the soil expands, it compounds stress on your foundation and over time causes flooring issues, uneven homes and basements, and plenty more.

Another thing we see is improper drainage systems that aren’t directed away from vulnerable areas of your home and its foundation. This pulls moisture towards the home, especially into basements where water can compromise ventilation which hinders drying and evaporation. If you suspect anything like this is going on, or you’d just like to put your mind at ease, we’re standing at the ready.

Free Inspection – Protect Your Crawlspace, Preserve Your Foundation

Childers Brothers is proud to say we’ve served over 15,000 customers over the years, and well, we’re just getting warmed up. Reach out and contact us to get set up with a free inspection and one of our friendly and well-trained technicians will come out, take a look, and completely fill you in on what your situation is and what your options are.

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