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Artesia Epoxy Crack Repair

Childers Brothers: Artesia, NM Epoxy Crack Repair Services

Few things are certain in life, but cracks showing their ugly faces in concrete is definitely one of them. If you’re looking for concrete repair for your Artesia, NM property, home or business, Childers Brothers is your go-to source for epoxy crack repair. We have decades of experience in concrete repairs, and we’ve helped thousands of folks just like you.

We use only the country’s best resins (rather than cheaper alternatives), so we aren’t always going to be the cheapest option. That said, we stand by our work which comes guaranteed and under warranty.

Core Benefits of Epoxy Resins

Epoxy crack repair has a number of benefits home and business owners enjoy.

  • A non-invasive, yet thorough and permanent solution.
  • The epoxy can be stronger than the concrete (especially if it’s older concrete).
  • A less expensive and more environmentally-friendly option than tearing up all your current concrete, sending that off to the landfill and replacing it.
  • We have epoxy options well-suited for concrete columns, foundation or smaller slabs, foundation walls, and more.
  • Ideal for structural repair projects that can allow for their longer drying times for incredible bonding.

General Epoxy Crack Repair 101
Now that we’ve briefly looked at some of the benefits of using our high-end professional epoxy, let’s dig a little bit into the basic process in three easy steps.

Step One: Clean & Completely Dry the Surface
First, we must clean, degrease, and dry the surface so that the chosen epoxy has the best chances of doing what it’s designed to do and lasting as long as possible. We have a large variety of methods and tools with which to accomplish this part.

Step Two: After Prep, Set Injection Ports
This is highly variable and situational, but our technicians will determine where to place epoxy injection ports in the impacted area. They will then apply an initial coat that anchors the ports in place and quickly cures getting everything ready.

Step Three: The Epoxy Injection Process
The final step is to go ahead and inject the epoxy into the crack starting with the lowest port and working up. Our technicians are specially trained to use these resins and know when the process is finished. Afterwards, it’s a matter of keeping the area clean, dry, and traffic-free for anywhere from 30 minutes to a matter of hours.

Get A Quote On Epoxy Crack Repair In Artesia

Simply use our general number or reach out to us through our Contact Us page for more information about our epoxy crack repair for Artesia, NM. We can answer your questions and schedule your free no-obligation consultation with a Childers Brothers specialist who can completely inspect your concrete, give you the best recommendations, and provide a genuine and transparent quote.

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