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Childers Brothers: Big Spring Concrete & Foundation Repair

Here in Texas, the people of Big Spring turn to Childers Brothers for house leveling, concrete leveling, and foundation repair. Our work is guaranteed, our history in the area is long and proud (in business since 1972), and we have a host of services for both home and business property owners alike.
About one in four homes are impacted by soil expansion, along with many business structures in the Big Spring area of Texas. Some settlement is ‘normal’ as time and natural changes take their toll, but when non-threatening settlements turn into serious foundation damage, signs can include:

Inside Structure

Superficial fractures in your walls have become serious cracks, jagged and angled; any sheetrock damage, sticking doors and windows.

Outside Structure

Exterior cracks, structures or parts of structures like chimneys leaning, horizontal foundation or concrete damage, cracks above windows.

Garage Area

Cracking or damage to your garage flooring, perhaps they’ve become uneven, lifting concrete slabs out of alignment; no longer flat and smooth.

Basement & Crawl Space

Basements and crawl spaces with pier and beam foundations are go-to areas when diagnosing house leveling and soil stabilization needs.

Our Suite of Services

Foundation Repair: Let Long-Standing Professionals Re-Stabilize Your Home

If those settlement signs have graduated into signs of foundational problems (sloping floors, jammed doors, warped ceilings, cracked moldings, etc.), or if the weather has just been especially cruel to our clay-based soils these last couple years and your home is less than 5-10 years old, don’t put a project this important into the hands of any old contracting outfit. We know this area, we know this soil, and we’ve been working with homes for close to a half-century.

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Soil Stabilization – Long-Lasting, Modern Solutions

Along with other conventional and proven methods of stabilizing the soil beneath your home or business, we offer solutions like the EcSS 3000, which is a long-term, ‘Done Once, Done Right’ kind of solution. It prevents the soil from becoming saturated or too dry, reduces annual maintenance costs, dramatically strengthens soil, and increases overall load-bearing capacity.

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Basement Stabilization – For Safety & Security
Our core solutions to get basement stabilization issues safely and affordably resolved are power bracing, a wide range of top-of-the-line epoxy crack injection resins, and carbon fiber sheets. If you’re seeing serious signs of destabilization or experiencing water problems, don’t wait. Contact us immediately so we can get a professional out there to properly inspect the situation. By the time they arrive this issue will likely have been building for a while, but rest assured we’ve seen it all before and can get things under control and fixed quickly!

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Concrete Coating – Strengthen & Transform Your Surfaces 

We’re one of those companies that know concrete and soil almost better than we know ourselves. Not only do we repair and relevel concrete, but we can seal, protect (abrasion, chemical, UV, fire, etc.) and transform concrete surfaces and flooring as well through modern coatings. From your garage and basement, to pool, patio, and sidewalks, take a look at the sheer amount of coatings we offer. Childers Brothers technicians are trained and qualified across the board!

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Childers Brothers Repair Methods

Helical Piers

Helical Piers are a reliable solution for bigger more demanding foundational leveling or stabilization projects. Our company uses only the best piers and keeps technicians continually trained on how to install, repair, and replace them.

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Pier & Beam Adjustment

In Big Spring and surrounding areas like Lubbock, Abilene, and Midland, pier and beam foundations are still relatively common. We have extensive services — adjusting, replacing, strengthening, updating, and more to return peace of mind and increase property value while we’re at it.

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Epoxy Crack Repair
What sets us apart from other contractors who work with epoxy resins is a) the quality of the resins we use and b) the level of professionalism we represent. Whether we’re repairing cracks, filling voids, addressing water encroachment issues, or strengthening poured concrete, you get top-notch work at affordable no-nonsense prices.

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Slab-Lifting Foam
When the concrete can be saved rather than ripped up, broken apart and sent off to the landfill, our precision polyurethane slab-lifting foam or conventional mudjacking are better alternatives. Foam is lighter, safe for you and your property, and there’s little cleanup. If slabs are too damaged, we can get them replaced and everything will look as new.

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Free Inspections & Quotes for the People of Big Spring

No obligations. No sales-speak. No living room pitches. No nonsense! When you contact Childers Brothers, we’ll schedule you for a free inspection where our contractor will provide you with plenty of valuable information without asking for anything in return. We do this because we know chances are that you’ll choose to work with us and leverage our seasoned experience and expertise.

In-Depth Analysis

We don’t rely on guesswork, assumptions or approximations. We work with facts, proven science, and hard numbers.

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Custom Solutions

While many home and business properties in the Big Spring area have things in common, your solutions will be uniquely-suited to address your needs.

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Pro Workmanship

After close to 50 years in the business, our work is professional, friendly, reliable, guaranteed and protected under true warranty.

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We got from humble beginnings to where we are today through our customers, and our customers love us because in every way we’re dependable.

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