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Do You Have Signs Of Concrete Or Foundation Failure?
Then You Need An Expert

Are you a homeowner in Big Spring, Texas? Are you worried about your concrete or foundation? While some settlement of your house and foundation is normal, there are some signs that you need to watch out for that can indicate serious problems.

Childers Brothers offer all the solutions you will need to level your foundation. From crawl space issues to sinking concrete slabs, we have you covered. Our expert technicians will provide amazing service to restore your foundation to like-new conditions.

Signs Of Foundation Issues

As your house settles over time, you can end up with superficial cracks in your walls and floors. When these cracks become jagged and angled, this indicates a more serious problem. You should also watch out for any sheetrock damage or sticking doors and windows as well.

Outside indicators of problems include exterior cracks, leaning chimneys, horizontal foundation or concrete damage, and cracks above windows.

Your garage area is another place to check for issues. When there is cracking or damage to the flooring, uneven or lifting concrete slabs, or slabs that are no longer flat and smooth, it may be time to consult with an expert.

If you have a basement or crawl space with a pier and beam foundation, this is a go-to place to diagnose your house leveling and soil stabilization needs.

Childers Brothers Repair Services

Here at Childers Brothers, we offer solutions to all of your concrete and foundation problems.

Foundation Repair

Big Spring 1If your everyday signs of settlement have turned into serious signs of foundational problems, like sloping floors, warped ceilings, jammed doors, or cracked moldings, let our expert technicians repair your foundation.  We can also help if the weather has been particularly rough on the clay-based soil and your home is less than 5-10 years old. We have been working with homes for almost half a century and we know the soil in this area.

Soil Stabilization

We offer conventional and proven methods to stabilize the soil beneath your home or business.  We feature solutions like EcSS 3000, which is a long-term solution.  It works by preventing the soil from becoming saturated or too dry, reducing annual maintenance costs, dramatically strengthening soil, and increasing overall load-bearing capacity.

Basement Stabilization

The main solutions we use to resolve basement stabilization issues safely and affordably are power bracing, epoxy crack injection resins, and carbon fiber sheets.

Do you see serious signs of destabilization? Are you experiencing water problems? Don’t wait. Contact us immediately so that we can get one of our professionals out there to inspect the situation. Most likely the situation has been building for a while. But don’t worry, we have seen it all and can get things under control and fixed quickly!

Helical Piers

Helical piers are one of the most reliable solutions for larger and more demanding foundational leveling and stabilization projects.  We use only the best piers.  Our technicians are continually trained on how to install, repair, and replace them.

Pier And Beam Adjustment

In Big Spring, it’s still relatively common to find pier and beam foundations.  If you have one of these foundations, you’ve come to the right place.  We have extensive services that include adjusting, replacing, strengthening, updating, and more.  We will return your piers and beams to like-new condition.

Epoxy Crack Repair

Our resin quality and level of professionalism outshine our competition.  We offer top-notch work at affordable prices.  We will repair cracks, fill voids, address water encroachment issues, and strengthen poured concrete.

Slab-Lifting Foam

If your concrete can be saved, our precision polyurethane slab-lifting foam or conventional mudjacking are better alternatives to ripping it up.  Foam is safe for both you and your property.  It can be installed with very little cleanup needed.

Our Technicians Are Trained Foundation Specialists

You obviously want the people repairing your home’s foundation to be qualified for the job.  Foundation repair is highly technical and should not be trusted to any general contractor.  Because of this, we require all of our employees to undergo extensive training and become certified in their areas of expertise.

The services we offer are complex and we use a variety of high-tech solutions to repair foundations in Big Spring, Texas.  This is why our technicians are highly trained and specialized.  They know how to use cutting-edge technology and procedures.

Word-Is-Bond Warranty

We won’t offer you a fancy written warranty with a lot of legal words in it.  We simply guarantee that we will do the job right. If for any reason something goes wrong, we will come straight back and fix the problem.

Our warranty is having certified technicians, using the market’s best products, and performing our 27-Point Analysis on the front end.  We do everything necessary to ensure that your repair is done correctly the FIRST time.  You have our word that on the very small chance that something does go wrong, we will be back to fix it free of charge.

Servicing Big Spring And The Surrounding Areas

Do you live outside the Big Spring area?  Don’t worry.  You can check our full service area list to see if you are within our range.

Do You Have Foundation Or Concrete Problems In Big Spring, Texas?
Don’t Wait, Call Us Today!

If you want a no-obligation, no-nonsense free consultation without a sales pitch, contact Childers Brothers today.  We will schedule your free inspection where our contractor will provide you with a ton of valuable information and ask for nothing in return.  We know that chances are you will choose to work with us and leverage our expertise to solve all of your concrete and foundation problems.

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