Big Spring Basement Stabilization

If Your Big Spring Home Has Cracked Or Bowed
Basement Walls, You Need Basement Stabilization

We Can Straighten, Strengthen, And Stabilize Your Basement So It’s Like New

There are many signs that you may be in need of basement stabilization for your Big Spring home:

  • Unlevel floors
  • Cracking in upstairs drywall
  • Cracking in exterior brickwork
  • Leaning of chimneys or porches
  • Cracks in walls that are wider at the top
  • Doors, cabinets, or windows that do not shut properly

These symptoms can be signs of bowing or buckling basement walls. If this is the case, you will need to act quickly. Any structural issues with your basement can result in costly foundation issues down the road.

Here at Childers Brothers, we offer a variety of proven basement-stabilization solutions.  We will match the exact right solution to your specific situation.

Our process can actually make your basement walls stronger than they were before.  The solutions we use are long-term and help your walls hold their structural integrity.   In combination with proper excavation techniques, our solutions can also straighten your bowing or bent basement walls.

What’s Causing My Basement Walls To Buckle?

Cracked Brick Wall

Most of the time water is the problem with basement wall issues in Big Spring. The hydrostatic pressure pushes on the walls from the outside, causing them to bow, buckle, and crack. However, there are several other potential causes that can affect your walls.

  • Your foundational soil may contain a lot of organic material that is slowly breaking down and leaving behind voids.
  • Your soil may be undergoing natural or harsher-than-normal expansion and contraction.
  • The soil under your basement is eroding over time.
  • Bowing or cracking concrete walls are just low-quality or were poured in a subpar way.
  • Damaged walls are not well-constructed given their location and layout.
  • The soil is being taken beyond its default loading capacity.
  • Tree and shrubbery root systems may be out of control, pushing on the walls.

Regardless of the root cause of your problems, our professionals will identify it and find the correct solution for you.

Basement Stabilization Options

The two main basement stabilization options we offer in Big Spring are H-beams and carbon fiber sheets.


H-beams can fix many of your stabilization issues. They remove the pressure from where it should not be and help equalize it. This allows us to focus on any cracked or bowing walls and any flooring damage.

Carbon Fiber Sheeting

Carbon fiber sheeting is epoxied directly to your damaged walls. They are an excellent option because they take up less space and you have the option to paint over them. They offer more coverage than H-beams. Because of their design, they offer more wall support. Carbon fiber sheets can also be used in combination with H-beams for even stronger solutions.

What Makes Childers Brothers Different

Our technicians are all in-house.  We do not subcontract any of our work.  This ensures that you get the highest quality work.  Additionally, our technicians undergo constant training to ensure that they are up-to-date on all of the industries leading technologies.

We use a science-based approach to identify the cause of your problem.  We do not come to your home or business with a solution already in mind.  Instead, we use our 27-Point Analysis to determine the exact cause of your issue.  From there we devise the best plan to solve your problem.  Our methods are completely unique to the industry.

Finally, we offer a Word-Is-Bond Warranty.  We don’t use a lot of legal words to make up a warranty.  What we do instead is promise that we will take care of you and do the job right.  If for any reason something goes wrong, we promise that we will be back to fix it at no cost to you.

Don’t Wait, Reach Out Today

If you believe you need basement stabilization services in Big Spring, don’t wait to reach out to us.  Get your free consultation today from one of our experts.  We will recommend the best solution to fit your needs.

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