Epoxy Crack Repair In Big Spring, Texas

Big Spring Epoxy Crack Repair

Superior Epoxy Crack Repair From Big Springs’
Most Trusted Foundation Repair Company

Have Cracks In Your Concrete Walls, Floors, Or Foundation?
Our Special Epoxy Will Fix Them For GOOD

Discovering cracks in a concrete foundation can be a huge letdown for Big Spring homeowners. They can be cosmetic or more serious. Once you identify that you have a more serious problem, let Childers Brothers fix it for you with epoxy crack repair.

We only use the best materials on the market to take care of your unsightly problems.  The epoxy products we use will outshine anything you will find at your local hardware store.  Our materials come from high-end manufacturers like Prime Resins.  In fact, some of our epoxy is so advanced that it is actually harder and stronger than the concrete it’s repairing.

Epoxy Crack Repair: Our Most Affordable Repair Solution

Unlike many of our competitors, we will never try to sell you a service or repair that you don’t need.  The truth is that not all of your cracks require costly repairs.  We are straightforward and honest with all of our customers, making us relentlessly reliable.

We have built our reputation on honesty and integrity. If all you need is a quick repair, that’s all we will suggest. Our bottom line is NOT our priority, your repairs are.

Epoxy crack repair is quick, affordable, and nearly non-intrusive. Having your cracks repaired as quickly as possible will minimize their growth and result in a cheaper project. Fewer cracks mean less epoxy required.

Common Epoxy Crack Repair Applications

When we come out to inspect your foundation problems in Big Spring, we will inspect the cracks, the structures they impact, and what’s surrounding them. All this in combination allows us to determine the correct type of epoxy to use. Regardless of what you need, our products are both cost-effective and proven to work.

Structural And Flooring Repair

There are several reasons why your concrete may need repairing, and none of them are your fault.

  • The concrete was improperly poured.
  • Time and extreme weather events have caused incremental damage.
  • Prefabricated sections of your slabs may have been micro-damaged during transport.
  • There’s improper movement of water happening without your knowledge.

Cracked Concrete Wall

We can use resins in areas that are prone to feeling shocks and vibrations. We can also use them for repairing horizontal surfaces with cracks, areas that need bonding or anchoring, bonding new to old concrete, and more.

Increased Joint Protection

When your concrete cracks, its joints and edges take the brunt of the beating. Fortunately, we work with full-depth materials that have strength and flexibility. These materials add layers of protection so your concrete can easily withstand massive amounts of traffic.

Benefits Of Epoxy Crack Repair

Epoxy crack repair offers a number of benefits to home and business owners. First of all, it is permanent but non-invasive. This means that you will reap the benefits of this solution without having to worry about a large mess.

Our epoxy can actually be stronger than the concrete it’s repairing. It is also less expensive and more environmentally friendly than tearing up your current concrete.

There are epoxy options that are well-suited for concrete columns, foundation or smaller slabs, and foundation walls. Epoxy is ideal for structural repair projects that can allow for longer drying times. This allows for incredible bonding.

Get Your Free Inspection Today

If your Big Spring home has cracks in its foundation, floors, or walls that you are concerned about, contact us today to get your free inspection.  We will use our science-based approach to determine exactly what you need to solve your problems.

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