Slab-Lifting Foam

Two-door garage with a driveway with cracks

Slab-Lifting Foam To Fix All Your Concrete Cracking Problems In Big Spring, TX

You Don’t Have To Go Through The Stress
Of Replacing Sinking Concrete

Is the concrete on your Big Spring property sinking? Don’t replace it, get expert repair with slab-lifting foam from Childers Brothers. Yes, a concrete replacement will solve the problem but it’s time-consuming and expensive. It will be 1 – 2 days before you can even walk on it then another 7 – 10 until you can drive on it. It won’t reach its full strength for up to 4 weeks!

Concrete leveling, on the other hand, is quicker and less costly. While mudjacking is the most popular option, it requires drilling multiple small holes in your concrete to inject a slurry-grout mixture underneath. Not only will your concrete be left looking like Swiss cheese, but this solution is known for breaking down within a few years, needing to be done again.

Our slab-lifting foam, however, is a long-term and cost-effective solution to your sinking concrete problems. We use environmentally safe polyurethane foam under your uneven concrete. Our high-quality foam can lift a maximum of 10,000 pounds per square foot and we only use special tools that will allow us to insert the precise amount to achieve the perfect result.

Our Scientific Approach To Your Foundation Problem
Will Provide Us With The Precise Solution

Since we opened our doors, we’ve had to fix quite a few jobs that other foundation companies have done. The reason is almost always the same – the solution they came up with didn’t fit the problem.

Your foundation can fail for any number of reasons and we take our time investigating every possible cause with our 27-Point Analysis. Then we’ll take the results from that analysis and create a custom solution based on science.

Our scientific approach is unique to the foundation repair industry. We don’t come to your house with a solution in mind. We go where science takes us. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. You can rest assured that we will diagnose your problem accurately so that we can recommend the perfect, lasting solution.

A Warranty That Means Something

Did you know that many of the foundation companies in the Big Spring area offer warranties through a third-party trust? What this means is that this trust handles any requests for warranty work from the customers and they outsource the jobs to subcontractors. The foundation contractors never have to go back and fix a warranty issue!

There are two significant problems with these types of warranties. First, there are often stipulations like your foundation has to move a certain amount before you can even use the warranty. Second, you have no idea how experienced the subcontractor is and they have no idea what the original work entailed. This can lead to many problems during the repair.

Here at Childers Brothers, we avoid these kinds of warranties like the plague. We don’t have anything written up with fancy writing. What you get is our word-is-bond warranty. If something goes wrong with our work down the road, you have our word that we’ll be back to fix it, no questions asked.

You’re probably wondering how you can trust us. We’ve served more than 15,000 customers over the last 4+ decades with hundreds of fabulous reviews, an extensive customer reference list, and an A+ BBB rating. We have a rock-solid reputation built on trust, transparency, and honesty.

We Only Use Premium Products

When it comes to the products we use during our repairs, it’s only the industry’s best for our customers. Prime Resins leads the industry in grouts, coatings, adhesives, and concrete-lifting foam. We source several of our products from them such as our slab-lifting foam.

For companies who want to use these products, Prime Resins requires them to pass rigid testing to become certified. They’re just as strict about who can use their products as we are about what products we use.

Do You Need Your Sinking Concrete Leveled?
Call The Big Spring Experts

Are you getting cracks in your concrete from it settling? The great news is you don’t have to go through the hassle of replacing it. Just call the Big Spring pros at Childers Brothers!

With our precision tools and processes, we’ll have your concrete fixed in no time and you won’t even be able to tell it was damaged in the first place!

Call us today at (800) 299-9563 to schedule your free estimate.

We service Big Spring and the surrounding areas.

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