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Big Spring Soil Stabilization

Childers Brothers: Soil Stabilization Services For Big Spring, TX

Soil stabilization can benefit homes in Big Spring, Texas, that are experiencing negative effects—such as cracked walls and sloping floors—due to the soil beneath their foundations.

Soil can either shrink or expand depending on whether it has too much or too little moisture. This can sometimes lead to severe issues, depending on the change in soil volume. Shrinking soil—also known as soil settlement—can leave an empty space between the foundation of a structure and the ground beneath it. This empty space can cause problems like cracked walls and jammed doors.

Alternatively, when soil has too much moisture – whether it’s caused by plumbing leaks, wet weather, or something else – it expands, potentially leading to problems like wet basements and uneven floors. Soil stabilization can address the issues that come with soil settlement, as well as those related to oversaturated soil.

In order to protect homes against the predicaments that accompany weakened soil, we at Childers Brothers offer soil stabilization services throughout Big Springs and its surrounding areas. Our proprietary EcSS 3000™ technology stabilizes soil and prevents the shrink/swell cycles to your soil that cause damage to your foundation.

How EcSS 3000 Soil Stabilizer Works

When soil retains water, it swells. This lifts your foundation, causing uneven your foundation to become uneven.

EcSS 3000 is an environmentally water-soluble treatment that permanently alters the molecular structure of your soil to prevent it from retaining water. Since the soil can no longer retain
moisture, it can no longer cause problems for your foundation.

EcSS 3000 is 100% harmless to humans, pets, and plants. It also requires non-invasive installation—we carefully inject the solution with special handpumps to avoid damage to your landscape.
We have applied EcSS 3000 on over 70-million square feet of residential homes and commercial properties!

Why Choose Soil Stabilization In Big Spring, TX

The shrink/swell cycles of soil in Texas are temperamental and erratic. Many, many homes in our neck of the woods suffer problems due to unstable soil. In other words, it’s not a matter of “if” you’ll experience a foundation problem due to unstable soil… it’s a matter of “when.”

Common issues that occur with soil cycles…

  • Cracked drywall, ceiling, or concrete floors
  • Windows and doors that stick
  • Gaps around doors and windows
  • Sloping floors
  • Stairstep-shaped cracks in brick mortar
  • Broken-down waterproofing
  • Leaning chimney
  • Water ponding around the foundation

As such, soil stabilization in Big Springs, TX is essentially the most reliable “insurance policy” you could have for your home. EcSS 3000 is a cost-effective way to protect your home from these exceptionally expensive issues… for LIFE.

Why Choose Childers Brothers

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–Donald J.