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Let Childers Brothers Take Care Of Your Sinking Home

The soil beneath your foundation can have a lot of negative effects on your Big Spring home. When your soil gets too much water, it expands. On the other hand, with too little water, it contracts. Depending on the amount of change this causes in the soil’s volume, you could be looking at some serious damage. The good news is that we can repair your soil problems with our expert soil stabilization methods.

Shrinking soil can leave a gap between the foundation and the ground beneath it. If this is your problem, you’ll start to notice things like cracked walls and jammed doors.

Soil that expands due to too much water can leave you with problems like a wet basement and uneven floors.

What Is EcSS 3000?

At Childers Brothers, we offer a proprietary soil stabilization solution called EcSS 3000. It is a powerful mixture that we inject into your soil to stabilize it. It makes the soil less likely to settle in the future. The mixture works by making the soil unable to absorb or retain water so it can no longer swell. It’s also environmentally friendly, being safe for humans, animals, and plant life.

EcSS 3000 requires a non-invasive installation. It is injected with special hand pumps that will not damage your landscape. As the preferred method for soil stabilization, we have successfully applied EcSS 3000 to over 70 million square feet of residential homes and commercial properties!

Why You Should Choose Soil Stabilization For Your Big Spring Home

Unfortunately in Texas, the soil goes through erratic cycles of swelling and shrinking. Because of this, many homes in our part of the country face a multitude of problems due to unstable soil. What this means for you is that it’s not a matter of if you will have problems but when.

The most common issues you will face are:
Crack Running Down An Interior Wall

  • Cracked drywall, ceilings, or concrete floors
  • Sticking windows and doors
  • Gapping around windows and doors
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Leaning chimney
  • Pooling water around your foundation
  • Broken-down waterproofing
  • Cracks in brick mortar

Soil stabilization for your Big Spring home is a cost-effective way to protect your home from these devastatingly expensive issues PERMANENTLY.

Why Childers Brothers Is Your Best Choice

Our EcSS 3000 technology is exclusive to Childers Brothers. No one else in the industry has access to this technology as we own the company that manufactures it.

We stand by our work. We back everything with a Word-Is-Bond-Warranty. If something doesn’t work out right, it’s on us. We fix it, no questions asked.

All of our technicians are trained, certified, and continuously retrained on advancing technologies. They focus on making sure the job is done right and that your entire experience is PLEASANT.

At Childers Brothers, we hold an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and are officially BBB-accredited. This means we have perfect marks and have proven our ability to take care of our customers.

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