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Are you dealing with sunken, settled, and uneven concrete at your Carlsbad, New Mexico property? If so, Childers Brothers is your dependable resource for both mudjacking and foam leveling. Which is better for your property? That depends on a number of variables we’ll ensure are determined correctly. We’ll help you in the same ways we’ve helped thousands of home and business owners with concrete throughout the decades — with professionalism and reliability.

On this page, we’ve provided some general information to help those looking for basic answers on these topics. If, however, you already know what all this stuff is and would like to skip directly to our friendly customer service…simply call or use our Contact Us page.

Mudjacking & Foam Jacking?

These are two distinct and very different methods of raising and leveling concrete slabs. One, mudjacking, uses organic ingredients like soil (cement and sand), while foam jacking relies on modern Polyurethane foam injection.

  • Both are great alternatives, or at least options to investigate, before deciding to take the more costly route of tearing up and replacing your concrete.
  • Both methods require our technicians to drill holes in your concrete which will then need to be sealed and patched over.
  • Both require expertise to execute well. At Childers Brothers, we provide quality work. We aren’t going to charge an arm and a leg to pump a little soil and cement mix under your sunken concrete.

Important Considerations

While we’re experts at mixing the ideal mud to jack specific types of slabs, the truth is that it CAN be messier than foam injection because it requires more holes. And these holes will be thicker than what would be drilled for foam injection. Some other important considerations include the following:

Different Surfaces: Often when it comes to expensive or highly-valuable (coated and protected) surfaces, injection foam is preferred over mudjacking.

Service Lifespan: Mudjacking in Carlsbad can be quite effective, but simply cannot compete in terms of lasting compared to polyfoam. The mud is made of organic materials that break down over time, while polyfoam has a much longer lifespan.

Moisture Resistance: Polyfoam is water resistant and helps protect surrounding soil from moisture.

Added Weight: Mudjacking will often add more weight to an area or a foundation than the much lighter foam.

We enjoy working with both methods, mudjacking and polyfoam injection. But there are a lot of considerations to take into account when ascertaining which is going to be ideal.

Free Mudjacking Quote In Carlsbad

Free Mudjacking Quote In Carlsbad
The first step is to get a Childers Brothers technician out to your Carlsbad, NM property to see if mudjacking is right for you. We can take a look at the impacted concrete and ascertain what the best next steps should be. Simply call our general number or drop us a line using our Contact Us page, and we’ll get back to you promptly. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our large extended family of over 15,000 happy customers.

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