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Hobbs Basement Stabilization

Childers Brothers: Hobbs Basement Stabilization Services

If your basement is suddenly showing serious signs of stress or worsening foundation issues, putting your Hobbs, NM home at risk, don’t hesitate to contact Childers Brothers. We’re a local family-owned business who’s been helping homeowners with basement and foundational problems since the early 1970s.

Basement destabilization can happen for a large assortment of reasons, the vast majority of which fall under the ‘not your fault’ category. Most often it’s just mother nature doing her thing, as normal, and your basement is beginning to wear & tear.

  • The freeze/thaw soil cycle in our part of the country can be cruel when combined with our long hotter months causing the soil to shrink and tighten.
  • Improper water movement, which could be due to heavy rainfall or flooding, settlement caused pipes to break and leak underground, and so on.
  • As time goes by, the carrying capacity of each individual component in your basement’s support system (wood beams, brick & mortar, etc.), weaken, and eventually need attention.

It’s NOT uncommon for even newly-built basements to require extra reinforcement, which is where Childers Brothers excels. Our two core solutions here revolve around added H-beam support and leveraging new carbon fiber custom sheeting which adds tremendous strength to support walls.

Strengthening Through Custom H-Beam Support Systems

Without getting too deeply into the science and math behind these kinds of basement projects, custom H-beam placement can permanently fix many stabilization issues. The beams will take pressure off of where it shouldn’t be and help equalize it so we can address cracked or bowing walls and any flooring damage. Our technicians are especially experienced in the Hobbs area.

Cutting-Edge Carbon Fiber Bracing

When the use of H-beams isn’t called for, or, you’re looking to add even more strength in combination with them, Childers Brothers now offers a cutting-edge new carbon fiber solution that’s both non-invasive and incredibly strong!

  • Our technicians simply epoxy it to your basement walls in ultra-thin 1’-2’ wide sheets with customizable lengths.
  • The fiber sheeting (vs. conventional strapping) makes it possible to cover far more wall space, and then you can paint right over it.
  • Not only is our carbon fiber stronger than similar products on the market, but it’s also 5x stronger than other carbon fiber solutions as well.

The Childers Brothers Difference

  • 100% Warranty Coverage — Childers Brothers work is guaranteed through our strict Word-Is-Bond Warranty. This is one of the mighty pillars supporting our success over the decades and we’re proud of it.
  • Educated Installers — Your custom solution will be designed by a professional and implemented by professionals, not inexperienced day crews or temporary workers. Our installers are specially trained on new carbon fiber solutions.
  • 15,000+ Happy Customers — Once you work with Childers Brothers you become a part of our large extended family. At any time, you can browse our many stellar reviews.

Free Basement Stabilization Quote In Hobbs

The first step is getting in touch with our knowledgeable and friendly staff (we don’t use call centers) who can help with any basic questions or concerns you have then set you up with a free no-obligation diagnosis of your basement and the challenges you’re facing. You’ll then get a fair and affordable quote and make a well-informed decision. No sales gimmicks. No nonsense.

What Our Customers Are Saying… 

“Great looking stone on the patio after it was leveled and cracks filled!”

-Duane N.
Clovis, NM

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